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Henry Gross personal research assistant to professor Gabriel Oyibo

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GOD has revealed through GAGUT a Secret Code to the universe in the simple equation Gij,j=0. Through that equation, GOD reveals that human beings and everything else came out of Space through Waves. Human beings and every other thing are composed of Waves, with some of the waves being concentrated, forming the material component such as human bodies. The remaining wave component is not concentrated and thereby forming the spiritual component of the life waves and the soul waves. The concentrated components are composed of stable building blocks called Hydrogen atum, or Africanium atum. The life waves are glued to the material component or the bodies which escape, detach or separate from the body during death. A tuning of the Hydrogen or the Africanium atum systems can either keep the body and the life waves glued together forever, resulting in Longevity and Immortality or disintegrates them forever, resulting in a Total Armageddon or death as the material further disintegrates back into Waves from where the bodies originated, reversing the Creation process. These are the two choices revealed to humanity through GAGUT. All politicians and other human leaders must be knowledgeable about these revelations from GAGUT and their positions on these revelations be known before they are elected into offices. A US intelligence group known as Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness (LLPOH), an acronym representing the stated Ideology of the US government, has already began brainstorming the realities of GAGUT influencing the US Presidential Elections in the following Cryptic Message below from the LLPOH website. African, American, Asian, and European politicians and politicians from other countries around the world, as well as other world leaders, would need to be tested right away on their positions on GAGUT and these revelations in order to prevent Total Armageddon.