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Tonight the Urbana Hillclimbers take on the Ben Logan Raiders for homecoming. A challenging season for the Climbers so far with a 3-3 record. Playing skilled teams like Piqua and Techumseh have left the Climbers as a 500 team. On the... more

The latest reports from top military offcials indicate that the conflict in Syria could last for years. It this what the American people want? If troops need to be put on the ground, what are the consequenses? Should this even be and option?... more

With abortion being as heated a topic as it is, it's always a huge issue in modern day politics. Despite the extremely sensitive nature of the topic, it's a topic that consistently needs to be reviewed and discussed because it's pivotal to the... more

The headlines shout years of war to come in Syria. Top military brass indicate that this will be no short-term engagement. With potential long-term engagements after an extenisve war in Iraq, what do Americans want? Should we get out... more

After a great week 3 in the NFL, I will discuss how the Broncos/Seahawks rematch was viewed by me as well as the overtime rules accordingly. Then I will discuss my overall thoughts of the week in sports as a whole.

In this live commentary of a inter conference matchup we will see the (2-1) Stebbins Indians against the (1-2) Urbana Hillclimbers. This matchup will be one that shows a run heavy Indians team against the passing attack of the league... more

Hillary Clinton for President? Will she run? If she does is it likely she will win? How do people feel about Clinton? Will Jed Bush run for President? What happens if it is Clinton vs. Bush? Answers to these questions and more on... more

On tonight's show we discuss what action Obama plans to take against the Islamic State. Obama has proposed a solution, is it what America want? If we take action, what kind of action should we take? We also discuss... more

In this episode of the TSS we will discuss the MNF double header coming up this evening as well as a lot of other news surronding the NFL this week. We will then discuss the college football implications that occured this week as well.

Paul Ryan has proposed a new reform to social programs. Group them all into one federal grant distributed amongst the states. He does not intend to cut any money from the programs. Could this have bipartisan support? How do the... more
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