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Paul Ryan has proposed a new reform to social programs. Group them all into one federal grant distributed amongst the states. He does not intend to cut any money from the programs. Could this have bipartisan support? How do the... more

In this episode of the True Sports Show we discuss our predictions for this upcoming NFL season. We also debate many different NFL related topics and come to conclusions about many different topics that have been on going on our... more

In this episode of the True Sports Show we will discuss the Braxton Miller injury and how it affects the Ohio State Buckeyes. We will also discuss the NFL preseaon including Johnny Manziel and Sam Bradford.

Who is to blame, if anyone? What is the heart of the problem and how do we fix this? We take on these questions and find the solutions.

After the terrible death of James Foley, what should the United States do? Is there action required by Obama? How will the US handle this? Can this situation be managed without military involvement? Answers to these questions and... more

In this episode of the True Sports Show we will discuss the current influx of flags in the NFL preseason as well as the debates for many positions come full circle. Then we will discuss our take of the Notre Dame scandal and where it puts the... more

In this week's PopCulture show, TrueChat makes a point to elaborate and recognize Robin Williams's tragic death and his battle with Parkinson's Disease. Later on, discussions will move to a Veteran being denied entrance to Six Flags,... more

On tonight's episode of the Current Issues Show we discuss the growing issue in Iraq. To what extent should the US be involved? Is this a breach in foreign policy? What should we do with the refugees? Immigration is growing concern in our... more

In this episode of the True Sports show we will discuss all of the teams we saw this weekend in NFL preseason and our views of how everyone is doing. Then we will discuss the tradgedy in racing that happened this week to Tony Stewart... more

On tonight's episode we discuss how the majority of Americans want to send immigrant kids home. We also dive into how to reform immigration and develop a realistic solution. The Do Nothing Congress is on vacation. Why can't they get... more
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