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The New York Times reported today that the Senate has faulted the CIA over extenisve brutality used to interrogate prisoners for information. Have they gone to far? What does this say about the governemnet as a whole? Are there any... more

Right now, this country is in turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri surrounding the death of Michael Brown during an incident of robbery. The United States has always hummed an undercurrent of racial tension, starting with slavery, and some say... more

America's education system has been a topic of discussion for awhile. Does the system need to be reformed? Is there to much of a gap between private and public schools? If the system needs to be changed, how should it be changed?... more

Tonight's episode is entitled, Foreign Policy & Child Soldiers, how is our country handling this? Should the United States be involved in stopping the use of child soldiers? What is the United States' current foreign policy? What should it be?... more

Tonight Jake Circle and I will discuss Ohio State's victory on Saturday over Michigan State in East Lansing and what it means for their playoff hopes. Is J.T. Barrett a legit contender for the Heisman, and who will win the starting job next... more

On this episode of the True Sport Show, I will discuss the ever-shifting college poll to determine the top 10 and the struggles of many teams in the NBA and the NFL.

Tonight's episode is entitled, The Republicans Take Control, what does this mean for legislative branch? Will a Republican controlled house and senate mean a break in the gridlock? How does the nation feel about the result? What will... more

Tonight, the show is delving deep into an issue which is hotly debated across the board: Feminism. What is it, why is it important, and how many people should be on board with feminism? We will be deliberating these issues and more and... more

Tonight Jake Circle and I talk about the past weekend's NFL news and scores along with teams that have a good shot at winning the super bowl. The NBA season has a lot of people hyped up including ourselves so we will discuss who... more

On tonight's episode of the Current Issues Show we discuss an ongoing issue facing the nation, do we allow same-sex couples to marry? This has been an issue for a long time in America. Do we allow marriage or just civil... more
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