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024 Resumes Are Like...

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Resumes are like belly buttons: everybody has one, we generally only show them to others under fairly specific circumstances, and they tend to gather lint if not properly attended to.

Okay, well maybe not that last part. Let's try again.

Resumes are like S.O.'s: everybody has one, sometimes you run into an old one where you least expect to find it, and you're constantly fighting with them about the default configuration of the toilet seat.

Darn, these things seem to fall apart on that third item. How about...

Resumes are like haircuts: everubody has one, the good ones don't last for long, and the bad ones seem to take forever to grow back out.

That's closer, but we're still not there. What exactly are resumes like? Leave your own formulation in the comments here.

Chris Twyman and I discuss resumes on this week's Transparency Revolution audio edition. Join us for an exclusive look at the inner lives of these shy and sensitive creatures. (First of two parts.)

About our guest

Chris Twyman is a passionate advocate of Transparency. He has worked in the technology sector for 17 years and has seen how frustrating it can be to work inside a company where employees are treated like faceless numbers. Chris is the CEO and founder of Zapoint. He lives in Boston, MA.