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Weird Wednesday - Strange or not.

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Theresa J Morris

Theresa J Morris


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Is Life stranger then fiction? We think something is different when it has to do with something we don't know. If you look at the facts you will find many things are not really something we can call fiction. If we knew everything the Gov was doing we would think it is all fiction. 

  I am asking is there anyoneout there that can prove anything people are talking about when it comes to How lfe was brought to this planey. What is the first alive creature to move on the planet. We are told the roach is. Do we believe that? Why did it not evolve? Just looking at the avarage bug is crazy. The weapons on their bodies, the streagth they have. Like the moive comig out now part two of Antman. Even weirder, do you know dolphins cannot hold there breath for a very long time.  It is usually 5-10  minutes with 15 being the max. I will tell you a very weird story about that. 

   Now on whales on the other hand they can stay from 15 minutes up to two hours. 

  Weird is a human brain compared to all other creatures. That does exclude dolphins. 

   If we are trying to understand aliens - how many so called races are there. The reports range from 37 to hundreds. Who are you going to believe?

   How is it millions of birds , herds of animals, millions of fish can die and we are told super crazy stories how it happened. I should incredible rediculose reason. Birds- fireworks. Yes plastic is bad in the ocen to cover all the things the Gov is doing. Plantin dying everywhere. Bats and Bees dying in larg numbers.  

   Is there a difference from theory and conspiricey theory really? I think theories are usually more crazy. Scinece keeps changing their mind. Funny many of things Eintein said were proven wrong over the past 10 years.  Well the important things. How many people understand Quantum physics.