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Show focused on assisting women solopreneurs, coaches and consultants effectively manage their time, space and lives and positively impact their bottom line.

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What kind of fruit is hanging off your Procrastination Tree™? Procrastination is so prevalent, even among business owners, which is a bit scary. It's something that everyone does from time to time, but when it's a habit, it costs you... more

Got a long to-do list and wondering where to start? How do so many things end up on your list, where do they come from and how do you get it all done? Life moves so fast and you continually add things to your plate without even... more

Life moves fast! It even seems as though it's moving even faster at this point in time. Since things move so fast, it's easy to see how difficult it can be to get things done. What happens is that so many people get caught up in the... more

Here we are at the beginning of another year and no doubt, countless people have made resolutions for 2014. You might be one of those people. About half of those who make them break their resolutions by the end of January. So, what is... more

This will be the final show of 2013. It's hard to believe that an entire year has gone by. Come join me as I close out the year with my final 2013 show. I'm going to help you get things tightened up to be ready for the new year. We're going... more

Given that many people spend the majority of their time on things that don't move them forward, needless to say, there's time being wasted every day. That time isn't coming back either, so if you're wasting it, something has to be done to... more

Due to technical difficulties earlier this week, we're rebroadcasting on Saturday, October 12th ============================================== This year and life are moving at the speed of light and I know that you've watched it... more

It's time to let go of the summer fun and get back to business, so during this broadcast, I'm going to share 4 key points with you that will help you get back on track. These 4 keys will help you make that shift from summer fun in the sun... more

Everything you are and that you will become is determined by the way you think, your perception of time and how you use it. So many people squander time without even giving it a second thought, paying it no attention whatsoever. But,... more

The year is in full swing and we're almost at the half way point. So where are you compared to where you thought you'd be at this point in the year? Have you accomplished any of the short term goals you set? What things are on track... more