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Ms.P And Lady Twinkles Chat It Up About Intimacy VS Sex

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In the minds of many sex and intimacy is the same thing, but in actuality they are not.  There is an expansive difference between the two.  While sex is the greatest physical connection between two healthy people, intimacy is something that occurs more on an emotional level than a physical level.  So here I will attempt to examine the difference between sex and intimacy.

Sex is based on a purely physical connection.  There are many variations to the sex theme, vaginal sex, oral sex, and anal sex, to name a few, but they are all performed physically and do not necessarily involve any emotions at all.  When emotions are involved this is typically when people refer to sex as making love and now the couple are sharing sex and intimacy.  We will delve more into the aspect of making love later.

Intimacy can exist without the element of sex.  Parents certainly have an intimate relationship with their children; siblings definitely have an intimate relationship with each other.  Even platonic friends can have an intimate relationship.  An intimate relationship usually is formed around caring and sharing.  When two people care about each other and are willing to share of themselves then intimacy is created.  Opening up about oneself and being vulnerable to another is essentially what creates an intimacy between people.

When combined, the physical act of sex and the emotional act of intimacy, the two of these are usually what is meant when someone refers to making love.  Making love can involve any one or all of the sex theme’s but is greatly enhanced by the intimate emotions you may have for the person you are making love with.   When put together sex and intimacy can deepen the love two people have for one another.