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A Precious Moodz Production Presents, "THE N`TUNED TALK SHOW." Featuring your hostess Ms. P & The N'Tuned Family Welcome to The N'Tuned Show Internet Radio & Real TV Show - Home to airing programs that are full of quality informational content that addresses many of the concerns that of the average Joe, to upcoming fame, unknown authors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to market themselves, their book/s, products and services to the media and to potential listeners; giving voice to the average person who would never be heard in this noisy celebrity, political, and sports-figures world; and to give equal value for equal exchange in all of IVR's programming that is challenging, controversial, educational, entertaining, and stretching a person's mind, body, and attitudes. Ms. P is offering a fresh face to urban radio with no holds barred. Getting in tune with the universe, and SELF-N'Tuned.

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46 year old Stacy Martin was diagnosed with PTSD because of all the abuse she encountered from the man she dated. She's had a gun placed to her head, has been kidnapped, picked up by my throat against a wall, the damage is countless. Stacy, also suffers as from emotional, verbal, recently sexual abuse, twice while she was fast asleep. She tries not to be hard on herself for the choices she's made so far. Life is difficult enough and there's always haters talking. Karma is finally coming to visit Stacy and her kids, things are begining to turn around this time. Feeling extremely blessed, above all strong even though its still stressful and chaotic in her life. "I just do what I can and that's it!." Stacy says. Tune in to find out more by dialing 818-495-6975
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We SUPPORT you and YOUR GRIND! Today we're taking the focus off of all else and honing in on ALL of you! Join us as we give you the opportunity to dial-in 818-495-6975 to rep yourself in ten minutes or less. Follow the show... more

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