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A Precious Moodz Production Presents, "THE N`TUNED TALK SHOW." Featuring your hostess Ms. P & The N'Tuned Family Welcome to The N'Tuned Show Internet Radio & Real TV Show - Home to airing programs that are full of quality informational content that addresses many of the concerns that of the average Joe, to upcoming fame, unknown authors, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to market themselves, their book/s, products and services to the media and to potential listeners; giving voice to the average person who would never be heard in this noisy celebrity, political, and sports-figures world; and to give equal value for equal exchange in all of IVR's programming that is challenging, controversial, educational, entertaining, and stretching a person's mind, body, and attitudes. Ms. P is offering a fresh face to urban radio with no holds barred. Getting in tune with the universe, and SELF-N'Tuned.

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We are again bringing you the tragic stories of not one but three different young men who have been not only tragically killed but in one case a mother's heartbreak of losing a second son to gun violence only this young man was on the other side of the gun and is now serving a life sentence. Families ripped apart by senseless violence, when will this stop? When will everyone put down their guns and embrace a life of love and peace? We will also be joined by LaShai Daniels-Hickman mother of Dominique Hickman who was murdered on February 23, 2007 as he walked home from a friends house after playing video games. This handsome young man was a junior in High School looking forward to graduating and going to college. Dominique was an amazing young man loved people and always wanted to be the peacemaker. Dominique was a younger brother of one sister and a older brother of three more sisters who miss him very much. But to break a mother's heart further La Tonya's other son Aaron Stewart was arrested while working at FedEx on Thursday March 2nd 2012 as an accessory to a triple homicide in San Leandero,CA with 3 other people. He was 19 when the crime happened and had no criminal record. The other 3 young men had criminal records. Aaron and two others received 3 life sentences without the possibility of parole and the other received a deal of 3 years for his testimony but he was a supplier of one of the guns. Aaron is now in prison in LA County. Please join us and CALL IN 818-495-6975 with your thoughts on gun violence.
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Jeff was born in New York and grew up in Oceanside, Long Island. He moved to Las Vegas in 1995 and had his own mortgage company for 20 years. Jeff has traveled and lived in different parts of the world, and is now back home in Vegas... more

?I feel I was put on this earth to create music that is relatable, and touches the hearts and souls of people.? Timothy's work sings the emotions of the human heart. ?That's what inspires me,? he says. ?People are yearning for stories and... more

WRONGFULLY CONVICTED MURDERER RIA SCHUMACHER FINALLY TELLS HER STORY Model Who Served Twelve Years in State Prison Is Telling All In New Book Series - If you lived in Illinois in the mid-nineties you would know the... more

Ms. P and Dr. Sue continue giving voice to those who don't have a voice in our series on Gun Violence. We will be joined on Sept 6 by Dr. Nicole Clavo mother of J.J. Clavo a 16 year old high school football star who was ruthlessly... more

Tonight we're addressing Black lives verses All lives matter, gender, social media harassment, taking sides, fact verses fiction, opinions verses perceptions. Yes, we're getting deep! Dial-in to share your thoughts! 818-495-6975

I can not imagine living in a world without R&B and all of the delightful souls connected to it! Whether, it's the singer or the songwriter, like they say it takes two to tango! Which brings me to our sizzling guest of the evening. Some of... more

Sho'Tyme is and R&B hip-hop duo that consists of two brothers E3 &Magic. Both members of Sho'Tyme are from the west side of Chicago but growing up moved back & forth from home to Milwaukee. Our music is rooted in R&B and pop but it... more

Kids Love Reiki Too Created by Carolyn Maguire and her friend Sandy - both founded Kids Love Reiki Too. They had their 1st class in May of 2013 and they said the kids who were involved LOVED it. The mission and purpose is... more

Robby The Elf Well, it all started back in the day when Santa was visiting a mall in Michigan. The Michigan Mall, I think. You see, back then Santa used to have elves accompany him while traveling. After all, do you really think Santa... more

Born in Oakland California and after some time, moved to San Jose California where I was raised. I started singing when I was 16yrs old. I grew up listening to all genres of music. Rock, Pop, Gospel and R&B. But nothing resinated... more
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