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Welcome to The Meter...'Weighing the Pulse of Politics in America." Big Phil, Slim Jim,and Jana just South of Canada,debate all things politics. Co-Host Phillip D. Joy tries to take the country back to the right and Host James S. Ingram tries to keep the country left. But at the end of the day, we shake hands and agree to disagree, and we sit down and have a drink together. We both love this country, we just disagree on how our politicians should govern this country.

On-Demand Episodes

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we discuss the what Independence Day means to you. Why do we celebrate our nation's birthday? Also, we will cover President Obama's approval numbers: 41% approve of Obama's presidency in a... more

Good morning, today on The Meter we discuss the presidential hopes of Hillary Clinton. An attorney, first lady, US Senator, and US Secretary of State, now front runner for the Democratic Party nomination for president. What would a Hillary... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we talk about the crumbling situation in Iraq as Presdient Obama goes back to that country with 300 advisers. Former vice-president Dick Cheney blasted Obama for a lack of understanding and or... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we will cover the resurgence of the TEA Party! In a historic and shocking upset, David Brat defeats House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the republican primary last Tuesday in Virginia's 7th district.... more

Good morning. Today on The Meter we cover the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shineski. Is the retired general the fall guy or was he the problem at our veterans hospitals? In a surprise move Jay Carney also resigned this week as President... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the scandal at the Veterans Administration. On this Memorial Day weekend when we honor those that have paid the ultimate price for our country, thousands of veterans, many... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the 2014 midterm elections. The Republican establishment has had a clean sweep thus far in the primaries. Has the Tea Party faded away? In Maryland, Democratic Governor Martin... more

Happy Mother's Day. Today, on The Meter we cover the latest in the terrorist strike in Nigeria that targeted the Christian girl's school. Is the world turning soft in terrorism? Also, House Speaker John Boehner has formed a special select panel... more

Good evening. Tomorrow on The Meter we will cover the new revelations on Benghazi. Evidence has been uncovered that the Obama administration knew immediately that the September 11, 2012 attack in Libya was indeed an Al... more

Today, on The Meter we will cover the new battle cry of president Obama and the Democratic Party, income inequality! Is there such a thing and if so what does it mean? Also, the NRA had it's annual convention in Indianapolis and many... more
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