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Welcome to The Meter...'Weighing the Pulse of Politics in America." Big Phil, Slim Jim,and Jana just South of Canada,debate all things politics. Co-Host Phillip D. Joy tries to take the country back to the right and Host James S. Ingram tries to keep the country left. But at the end of the day, we shake hands and agree to disagree, and we sit down and have a drink together. We both love this country, we just disagree on how our politicians should govern this country.

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Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the recent economic news that seems to contrast with the President's approval numbers. Is there economic recovery or continued stagnation? Also, Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal will be charged... more

Good morning, today on The Meter we discuss this week's election in Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a decisive victory despite the polls that said to close to call. Netanyahu has been accused of racism in the final days of... more

Good morning, today on The Meter we will discuss the current state of American security. Former Secretary of State and presumptive Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under fire for using her personal email server to conduct offical US... more

Good evening. Tomorrow The Meter returns to the airwaves. We will discuss this years's CPAC: Who was the star for the GOP? Also, as ISIS continues it's brutalization what should be the role of the United States? Is President Obama's... more

Good morning, today on The Meter we are having our popular open forum. In this format the listenerers set the agenda. The ongoing crisis with ISIS is becoming more precarious as Spetember 11 approaches and the revelation that more than... more

Good morning. Today on The Meter we cover the brutal killing, beheading, of American James Foley by Al Qaeda affiliated ISIS. The chilling video was authenticated by the Defense Department. As President Obama continues his... more

Good morning, Today on The Meter we cover the ongoing protests in Ferguson, MO over the shooting death of Michael Brown, an 18 year old black man, by a white police officer. Police are saying the shooting was justified while the... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we discuss President Obama's decision to once again involve The United States militarily in Iraq. As ISIS continues it's operations in Iraq, many calling it genocide, was Obama forced into this action?... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza. As cease fires continue to fail, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the IDF will continue the operation until all tunnels are... more

Good morning. Today, on The Meter we cover the Malaysian airliner that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. As the evidence points to blame Russia, Russian leader Vladamir Putin denies responsibility and implants the conspiracy theory... more
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