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Russ Littau

Russ Littau


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The Healing Center has a mandate to take the wisdom of old world traditions and combine it with new world technologies to offer a powerful transformation experience to all those wish to discover who they really are. From our offices in Alberta, Canada we offer Reiki Certification through in house seminars as well as powerful weekend retreats in energetically locations around the world.

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Catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world. Everything in nature has a season. Considering we are part of nature wouldn't it be handy to know how to apply this principle to our manifesting practices? Tonight will discuss that very... more

It's what we all want to know, isn't it. We want to know why we are here. Is there some "great plan" for our lives and what would things be like if we found it. This evening I'll share some fascinating new learnings I received only this afternoon... more

You are nothing but a dreamer. The only thing that exists, and I do mean the only thing, is this very present moment. No past, no future, only here and now..... and I'll prove it to you.

We are all wonderful manifestors, we just don't realize it. Manifesting our reality is not something we can opt out of. We are all doing it all the time. Our external world is in a constant state of motion reacting to our desires, our thoughts, and... more

Spirituality Today - For this episode I will be broadcasting live from our Dallas Reiki Certification Retreat - Remember, all things are possible.

A 3 dressed up as a 9 is the topic of tonight's program on creating your world from the inside out. In this episode I will talk about what I feel is one of the key ingredients to successfully mastering the art, and science, of creating your world... more

Join me at the conclusion of another fantastic Reiki Certification workshop in Grande Prairie. Creating your world from the inside out is a skill not magic. Anyone can learn it and experience it. Including you!

Listen in as I broadcast live from a Reiki workshop in Lethbridge.This is a fantastic example of my manifesting process. Join me in my celebration!

"Money is for Nothin' and the Chicks are Free" - This line from a well known song by a fantastic, guitar based group call Dire Straits, is the byline for tonights show. I'll share some amazing discoveries about the role that money plays,... more

The Law of Attraction for the "normal guy". Join me on my journey into discovering the nuts and bolts of creating our own experience. Tonight's topics are "Flowing instead of Forcing" and "The Value in Giving Up".
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