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Russ Littau

Russ Littau


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The Healing Center has a mandate to take the wisdom of old world traditions and combine it with new world technologies to offer a powerful transformation experience to all those wish to discover who they really are. From our offices in Alberta, Canada we offer Reiki Certification through in house seminars as well as powerful weekend retreats in energetically locations around the world.

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Ask the Spirituality Expert - In this episode Russ Littau answers the question "What big moves should I make to create significant change in my life?" I'll give you a little hint, it's not what you think. :) Ask The Spirituality Expert is a regular... more

In this episode, Spirituality Expert Russ Littau shares his ideas on some of the best ways to balance the energy in the room. He explains the underlying concepts of why we would even need, or want to , balance the energy as well as how... more

In this episode Practical Spirituality Expert Russ Littau answers a question from a listener about what to do when life offers us an "opportunity to change" disguised in turmoil or even tradegy. The answer rests on one of the... more

Join me as I broadcast live from Orlando, Florida after finishing up a Reiki Certification Level 1 and 2 workshop.

What's the "Magic Bullet" that holds the key to powerful, long lasting, change. What is the one thing that will supercharge our manifesting practices like no other? In this segment I reveal it to you. And you may be surprised at what it is!

Join me (Russ Littau) for another segment of Creating My World from the Inside Out. In this segment I help clear up the often misunderstood step of detaching from the results. If we are supposed to visualize what we desire and get excited... more

In every experience in our life, there is a contest (and sometimes a battle) as to who controls the emotions and thoughts that reside in mind and truly create our experience. That is topic of this evening's program. Practical power tips, on... more

It's not where you are looking to it's where you are looking from that matters - Creating My World Internet Radio - I can just about guarantee that after you listen to this program you will begin to change the way you look at everything in... more

The power of alignment on Creating My World Internet Radio. When we want it, and when we don't. There is tremendous power in alignment however there is infinite potential in purposefully taking ourselves out of it. Spirituality Today

A Rose by any other Name Would Smell as Sweet - The power of words. Words have power. Learn how to use that power to transform your picture of your world. Most of us understand this concept as a generic principle but don't realize just... more
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