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The Science of Consciousness and The Harmony of Spheres

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Please join me in my interview with Campbell. Cam has previously studied  permaculture and mpartial arts and is currently studying and practicing the emerging new "science of consciousness" or "quantum shamanics".Which could be seen as the study of the pattern of creation and how it works..

It combines things like sacred geometry, experietial shamanism, and various healing modalities with mathematical algorithms, fractal/holographic theory and scientific experimental proof from emerging new data in quantum physics.

Listen in as Cam discusses the emerging new data in quantum physics and the new "science of consciousness". Several new quantum theories and experiments show the existance of supposedly "magic" effects and consciousness or awareness in everything.

Amongst these new theories is one of Cam's own.

He had an idea about how light behaved and had a dream where he gained some sort of encoded information from his higher self.

Aftersome intense verbal/written disputes, first with his father, a Dr of Physics, then with quantum physicists and top world quantum experts, he has repeatedly argued his new theory of "curving light waves"a supposedly "magic" effect that is a result of conscious light existing in wave form.

This theory  has the potential to be a fairly revolutionary new law of physics after the experiment he envisioned is complet

Cam will also talk about sacred geometry and perfect harmonic healing music scales that I he has rediscovered from a 5000yr old Sumerian clay tablet that creates a cymatic vortex then morphs into 7, one for each chakra. He believes it matches in with some of the solfeggio frequencies and has DNA, energetic and mind healing properties as well as some quite amazing mathematical and geometric proofs.

I hope you can listen in