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Darryl Kasch is a teacher and practitioner of reflexology with over 15 years experience. Reflexology is the ancient science believing that working points on the feet influences the homoestasis of the body through central nervous system.... more

Welcome to another episode of the Inspired Children parenting show with Dr Rosina McAlpine. Is your life so busy you hardly have time to breathe? So many demands on your time: work, home, friends and family and the kids? So many... more

Dr Robyn Mills introduces Diane Wilkins who is creating a new and exciting platform that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself you can be. In response to a rapidly changing world, she is launching an internet TV platform... more

Do you use Time-out in your home to manage the kids? If so, do you find it effective? How do your children react to being put into time out? Do they go willingly or do you struggle? If you use Time-out in your home this is not an... more

I am so excited to be interviewing Lise Bourbeau. She is the founder of biggest French wellness school, Listen To Your Body which was founded in 1982. Her school's workshops have been given in more than 25 countries. Since 1992 she... more

Dr Robyn Mills presents Julian Noel from Shine. Julian has experienced over 39 years of self-enquiry and spiritual practice, he has come too the realisation that everybody was born to Shine, and bring the best within themselves to life. There... more

Do you find yourself reacting to your child's behaviour? Can they push your buttons - especially when they don't listen? Are you tired of yelling, being frustrated, impatient and then feeling guilty afterwards? Well you might be... more

Welcome to the Inspired Children Parenting Show with Dr Rosina McAlpine. I have heard parents say that their children manipulate them and that children and teens knowingly misbehave and choose not to do the right things. Stay... more

In this busy busy world where there are many distractions to our parenting, such as mobile phones, television, conversations, exercising, work, housework, beauty treatments and lets not forget our friends, it is quicker and sometimes less... more