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Know the rules before you play the game.Dave Caapra "The Debtonator" discusses topic vital to your financial health as a consumer or a business owner.I am author of sevral books that are available here.

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Start you week off right by getting your head in the game. Audio from Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill and others will be played and discussed.

What are the needs of small business owners in these turbulent economic times? You MUST stay competitive to keep your doors open these days and the best way to do this is to get more customer exposure and reduce operating expenses.... more
The Debtonator

Strive To Be Americas Best

  • by The Debtonator
America's Best Companies mission is simple: to promote and protect the future of small business. Their products and services are designed to help small business owners stay in business, grow their business, and make more money in their... more
The Debtonator

Success By Association

  • by The Debtonator
Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you not to hang around with so-and-so? Even if you were a good kid and the "so-and-so" in question was a miscreant, you could be considered to be just as bad, and thus be labled... more
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