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Episode TwoTwo.. At first I was shocked but then I was wrong..

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The Buzz...When I came up with Epis.20 (8/22), I Can't Believe It, No, Say It Ain't So...I approached it from news & other life events that caused us to be shocked, dismayed, betrayed, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led-astray etc. you get the point. But what about those events where we formed an opinion of shock & disgust & we were ill informed (misinformed? lied to?) & left to eat crow or whatever else you have an aversion to eating? These experiences can be on a personal level or on a social level. We have reporters who are so desperate 2 make a name for themselves that they tape public figures at their not so best moment, in some cases. Perfect example is long time White House reporter Helen Thomas who gave her heart felt opinion on what's going on in Gaza (U know, "the occupation") & what about the USDA head who was forced to resign when a snippet of a speech was broadcast on the internet. turns out she was talking about a time in her life where she questioned her own character & decided to overcome some of those feelings she had towards whites. The NAACP later apologized for racing to judgment & pounding her into the ground as well as some of the media outlets but that didn't stop some from digging up video of her husband making pointed remarks about issues in America. The Sting...I had my mouth all fixed up for that orange Juice & you left a corner in the carton..then I end up shooting someone's pinky toe off but I nothing happens to me because everything I just said wasn't true - it's from Harlem Nights wEddie Murphy & Mz Della Reese. Does the media have responsibility 2 report the facts WHEN they R available or is it up to you to seek out the truth? Where do people get off on doing this? & why do people get off on doing this? How do you save face? As I said in my original blog about my blog for the 8/22, the flip side o of the convo may require another hour and I was right! The Healing.. communication is irreversible but there are ways 2 work 2 mend fences