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The Bee Move

"The Bee Move hosted by Bobbi Cisse™"


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This show is an open forum that is for like minds in the sense that you participate in honest and constructive conversations, are positive in your interaction with others (especially me the Host), have knowledge or an informed opinion to lend (no tomfoolery aka jibberish allowed) and that you are open to ideas that may not mirror your own. Understanding and surface level acceptance along with respect is the key to being a part of this show.

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A friend asked if the show was on the air and I said no, but it could be. We're recounting our greatest memories of 2012, why it's good that it's going or sad that time is flying by.. Join Us!

I've had a LOOOONNGGGG break from BTR and my love The Bee Move. Thought I'd check in and see what everyone's up to. Free flow format. What's on my mind and yours..

Turning points, crossroads, life decisions, etc. Can you get that old thing back? What do you take under consideration when it comes to getting into a relationship, relocating when you have children and a spouse, all real things to consider.... more

Wow, it has been a while hasn't it? Well, my absence was intentional unlike some of the evil than men meaning mankind does. What do I mean by that? Welp, besides pollution, littering, excessive use of everything, ignoring the plight of... more

LOL. So here's the one day of the year we are given to sit back and recollect on all that mom has done. Well, The Bee Move is no different - what the heck it's an American show and in America you do as Americans do, honor someone ONCE... more

Who knows what we'll talk about.. Wing it? Eh.. prolly not Big To Do About Nothing... prolly There's a party going on right here.. A celebration to last throughout they year.. seriously there is.. which is why I'm changing my show... more

The Buzz...There are things we know by "doing the math" for instance if my great great grandfather was born in 1850 in Georgia, he was born into slavery. But what do I do with this information? The Sting... This year I will be the Big 4 O and... more

The Buzz...You were always the strong one. The dependable one. The responsible one. The go-to person. What happens when you need help? The Sting... With the economy being what it is, many adults have had to move back... more

The Buzz...Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Revolts, Gas PRICEs go boom! The Sting... What does any of it mean? There are folks proclaiming it's the end of the world - as we know it!.. posting quotes foretelling of damnation. The Healing...What... more

The Buzz...Certain relationships are together because of connections of 3rd parties. Some folks are able to stay healthy mentally because of external influences be it substances or faith. The Sting...Let's talk about specific... more
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