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Barry Paul

Barry Paul

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A 5.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the east coast today, very strange indeed.

The Lybian Rebels (Al-Kinda) have taken control of Qaddafi's compound but The Colonel is missing in action. Where's he go?

Accused rapist and former world bank head (not sure what's worse) Strauss-Kahn is off the hook now that a judge has dropped all charges against him today.

The idiot mainstream media is reporting that "the fall of Qaddafi could mean big boost to struggeling U.S. economy. BP just might tell ya why that's complete bull.

A man was arrested in D.C. today with a bunch of fireworks near the D.C. Mall. Is this a staged event that will be used to further demonize american's and move us closer to a police state? Or is he just a nut?

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