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Stress. The world is full of it. Wars overseas, school shootings, economic pressures, rampant crime and the world doesnt seem to be getting any better. We live in a pressure cooker world these days and it's easy to get stressed out.... more

Tonight on The BadBoy and The Doc, there's lots of sex out there but not much love and there's some people desperate enough to try something most of us wouldn't do. Would you marry someone on the same day you meet them???... more

More commercials are showing interracial couples but there are many people who dissaprove of them even family members. On the next BadBoy/Doc we urge interracial couples to call into the show to talk about their experiences and... more

Does anyone ever forgive and forget especially when it comes to relationships. If your mate cheats, do you forgive and move on? Forgiveness after being cheated on is the topic tonight on The BadBoy and The Doc Radio Show Real... more

On the next BadBoy and The Doc, can a single mother raise a boy to be a man without a positive male role model in the home? Find out Wednesday on The BadBoy and The Doc 8pm Wednesday night!

Were you married and had a fling with a co-worker? Would you work in the same office as your mate? Office relationships and more tonight on The P&B Show featuring Dr. Suzana Flores!

Tonight on The P & B Show, has your love interest lost interest in you because of your illness or weight gain or is just plain bored with you, plus our brand new segment, "Whats Your Beef" where you get to sound off on your pet peeve... more

Would you invite an ex to participate in your wedding as a bridesmaid or a male ex as a groomsman? Is it ok to invite an ex to your graduation or some other significant event in your life even if you are in another relationship? Join... more

Tonight on The P&B Show, for years men and women have thought they have known everything about each other. Today Princess and I talk about the top myths men and women believe and we smash a few of them too. Join the party... more

The 90 Day Rule. Politically correctness or is it really an effective tool to help start a healthy relationship? Join Princess and yours truly along with clinical psychologist Dr. Suzana Flores tonight at 8pm as we break this down and wait... more