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Throughout the history of the human race leaders have taken power through deceptive and falsehood, as they have fooled the people into trusting them to make their country a far better place and leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Mau, and others attempted to make their countries better, but not for all the people, but only a few, as we have all witnessed the evil that these men brought to many of their citizens and other nations as part of their agendas.

Well right as I am speaking to you today, America has it's own evil leader sitting right there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as this leader has from his very first day has sought repeatedly to undermind our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, he has through executive order after executive order bypassed Congress and made his agenda law, but yet for some unknown reason this President gets re-elected to office, so I need to ask this question, Are we as a Nation and people that stupid? America if my statement angers you "GOOD" , as it is time we get angry, but rather then just get angry and fly off the hangle and do something rash, something that would get you into a situation where you are arrested or far worse by the police, I say you need to focus your anger in a way that will make a real impact, I say you need to seek out fellow citizens and patriots who share your anger and form groups of people who really want to save this country and then as a group start a campain to make your feelings on the issues that matter to you known, as one voice alone is only a whisper, but many voices joined together become a truly loud thunderous voice that cannot be silanced.

So again I am asking you my fellow Americans, my brother and sister Patriots, are we really that stupid to allow this President to remain in office or are we going to get off our asses and do something to change that and get our country back.