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The Reflection Pool

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We did not get in our time machine and go ahead to tomorrow so that we could put out news stories that are ahead of their time like the last couple of days...I know, you're disappointed...We'll start the countdown to the Pay-Per-View Republican Deathmatch Mudwrestling to be held in November (we've heard a rumor that it is to be held in conjunction with UFC 140!) at an undisclosed location soon! The worst illegal president in the history of the world (Barry Soetoro) has the lowest approval numbers that he has had since he usurped the office in 2009---have the American sheeple really awoken from their slumber? Have the people cleared Martyr Square yet in Afriran so that the radical mullahs can take over and begin their reign of terror that will make Quaddafi look like Barney (the purple dinosaur, not your favorite gay congressman...)? I'm still waiting for word from the leader of the Free World (Nicolas Sarkozy) on this one...I guess the Gold 2000 parties really will happen sometime in football season if not later...margin requirements could slow down the price moves...but, Helicopter Ben could start his worldwide inflation campaign again soon to foil any artificial attempts to stop the rise in price...we learn more tomorrow as HB speaks in Wyoming...enjoying the last week of summer in OR...so much for global warming...it was only warm here for about two weeks! Much, much more...