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The Art of Relating

The Art of Relating


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I invite you to check out my new book.....www.TheArtofRelatingBook.com Join Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach Christine Kniffen, LCSW for lively and informative conversation with authors and experts regarding love, divorce, sex, kids, money, stress, health and so much more. Become part of the discussion and part of the solution, while getting answers to all your questions on The Art of Relating on Blogtalkradio. Christine Kniffen, LCSW is a Psychotherapist who received her master’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Christine works in private practice specializing in Relationship Coaching and couples counseling. She currently writes for The Healthy Planet magazine with articles pertaining to the many nuances and complexities of relationship dynamics, presents workshops on a variety of topics, is a paid lecturer and has worked in radio broadcasting as the host of her own show on KMOX and is now transitioning to the hip, interactive blogtalkradio. Send questions or comments to theartofrelating@hotmail.com

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So you’re clean and sober. Now what? How do you repair damaged relationships, grow a career and achieve financial stability? Millions of recovering alcoholics/addicts find themselves struggling to achieve success in other areas... more

An eye opening study of mothers and daughters of all ages, "You're Grounded Forever...But First Let's Go Shopping" takes an unprecedented look at motherhood for young, teenage and adult daughters today. It reveals the... more

Think love has left you by? Then think again. Author Carol Denker found love in her 60s and realized, Romantic love really IS timeless! She also realized that there was little in our society to reflect that truth. No images of older couples in... more

As women entrepreneurs and business owners, we all have situations, feelings and circumstances in common and we cannot do it alone. It takes being connected and teamwork to be successful. Get connected to yourself, your inner... more

Should I divorce? It’s a question that haunts millions of people. In their new book, “How To Know If It’s Time To Go”, Dr. Lawence Birnbach and Dr. Beverly Hyman help couples find the best answer. In their new book they provide 10 steps... more

From politicians to entertainers the headlines are constantly filled with news-makers entering rehab, getting into trouble, or overdosing. But, the drug of choice is no longer just alcohol or heroin. It is misuse and abuse of prescription... more

In her mid-forties, Laura Tobin Martinez has at last found happiness in her life, with a loving husband and two young children. Still. Like many grown daughters, she continues to yearn for the approval of her rigidly decorous mother Helen.... more

How do you justify ditching everything you know? Carol Rizzoli and her husband Hugo seemed to have d impressive career levels and had formed wonderful friendships. But, they decided to risk it all for a dream that many entertain, but... more

Never before have the American people been so unhappy, apathy and paralysis are the nation's guiding principles. Jim Marrs, the New York Times bestselling author and conspiracy theorist is back, and his allegations are more... more

You may have the sense that you've heard of MERSA...something people catch in the hospital. However, rather than an occasional occurrence, it is a global epidemic hiding in plain sight. It has swelled almost unnoticed for decades and... more