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The Art of Relating

The Art of Relating


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I invite you to check out my new book.....www.TheArtofRelatingBook.com Join Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach Christine Kniffen, LCSW for lively and informative conversation with authors and experts regarding love, divorce, sex, kids, money, stress, health and so much more. Become part of the discussion and part of the solution, while getting answers to all your questions on The Art of Relating on Blogtalkradio. Christine Kniffen, LCSW is a Psychotherapist who received her master’s degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Christine works in private practice specializing in Relationship Coaching and couples counseling. She currently writes for The Healthy Planet magazine with articles pertaining to the many nuances and complexities of relationship dynamics, presents workshops on a variety of topics, is a paid lecturer and has worked in radio broadcasting as the host of her own show on KMOX and is now transitioning to the hip, interactive blogtalkradio. Send questions or comments to theartofrelating@hotmail.com

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In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Susannah Charleson became intrigued by newspaper photograph of a diligent search and rescue dog alongside her exhausted handler. So, she began to volunteer, and , eventually, to... more

With all our processed and packaged foods, we've strayed far from the whole foods and leaves that God gave us for health and healing. According to Cherie Calbom,renowned clinical nutritionist, it's time to let go of the foods God did not... more

Home Before Dark is an unflinchingly honest memoir of coping with cancer, told through the four voices of the Treadway family. Seeking a way to connect with his family and prepare them for his death, David proposed that he, his wife and... more

"The financial crisis of the past few years has served as a powerful wake-up call, and Americans have rapidly changed course", says Wanda Urbanska. As someone who has led a life of simplicity, Urbanska understands and conveys in... more

Fascination with the break-up of celebrity marriages continues unabated, capturing both headlines and the public's attention. A staggering 53 million people have been divorced at least once. Not surprisingly, divorce in the circles of high... more

According to Dr. Bonnie Jacobson, "That path from marital bliss to discontent is paved with everyday decisions that either build up or tear down a relationship". In her new book, Dr. Jacobson identifies 25 of the everyday situations that... more

Christie Hartman, PhD provides tough love for single women that is long overdue. In this researched based book, Hartman shows the readers that the real problem isn't dating or men. Instead, women unknowingly make one of 10 fundamental... more

According to Numerology, Barack Obama and Michelle are soul mates, while Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's charts are in conflict. International best selling author and media sensation, Glynis McCants joins The Art of Relating to discuss her... more

It's a universal reality that women are feeling stressed out even when most of the things in their life are great. Many women look in the mirror and compare themselves to friends who are ten years younger. Some feel like failures when... more

With the Obama family setting a fine example, more and more Americans are cultivating backyard gardens. Clearly, the upside is tremendous--locally grown food helps the environment, improves personal health, and saves money. But,... more