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Scott Young

Change Happens


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Change happens to all of us, and we all have different ways of expressing change. Sometimes its positive, sometimes negative. How do we document change, life, feelings. Sometimes it's through poetry.

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Change happens, just like many things in our lives. This week we will be interviewing poet Terrence Brisbon. I am being introduced to him via an old friend Dr. Ray Riley DDS who was on the show speaking about dental and oral care.... more

Jennifer Paone and her personal trainer Derek Gardner will be joining the show to talk about Jennifer's fitness, where she started how she got to where she is and what her future goals are. I actually know Jennifer from a previous job... more

A friend of mine always says that healthy women cultivate healthy families. I believe it and as we are about to head into a new school year some of the changes I hope to see is better nutrition for the kids at home, and in the... more

Yes I am taking it there. I've dated within my race, outside my race, around it, above it, below it, all kinds of it. This week the subject that gets spoke about and given way too much thought when at the end of the day its only about... more

Race Matters in so many areas whether it is involved with your ability to be an athlete, to be wealthy, to be poor, and if you will be successful. It matters with health, it matters in many areas, and yet we keep saying it should not matter?... more

Transitions, our body is always goinng through transitions, do you recognize the trasitions? Do you understand and listen to your body? If you are not sure do you ask? If you are not willing to ask about the transitions that your body is going... more

Saw a guy walking down the street today in one of those rubber/vinyl tops (wasn't wearing the bottoms) and I thought to myself hasn't the myth of stuff like this being good for you been debunked enough? I guess not.... Blowing up the... more

Ever notice how people bitch about the winter weather and how they pray for the summer's heat and once the heat gets here they want no parts of it? No AC; No Way!! They squander a perfectly good opportunity to get active, to allow the... more

We live in an Ethically challenged time. It's almost a daily occurance to hear of ethics violations from those in power whether they be Politicians, Business Leaders, Government, Athletes, the list is endless. With so many of the rich and... more

I have to teach a class tonight unfortunately and could not be on longer than 30 minutes. So for that 30 minutes we're going to talk about Values. What are values, what does it mean, do you think as a society we are losing that Values debate?... more