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The first time I was in a situation where his mother demanded that he pick a side constantly. I mean literally she needed to feel that no matter what I did or who I was to him; she would ALWAYS be first. How could she not? For GOD sakes that’s his mother! I’m good, but I didn’t give birth to him. If I needed him (which was rare) she would always find some urgent situation that needed his immediate attention. We’ll leave that alone. I don’t want anyone to recognize who I’m talking about.

Second occasion, this woman pretended to be nice, but it was clear she didn’t want me around for the long haul. You’d think I’d learned my lesson the first time. When it looked like we were getting serious she panicked. I will never forget. He was a Consultant and traveled constantly. He needed to move his mother into his condo. He entrusted me with the task; as he did many things. The day of the move was a total nightmare. I came previous to the move to help her pack. Why did I offer? 

Let’s fast forward to the third and more recent situation. GOD help me! I dated a younger guy. That’s not the worst of it. I should have listed maturity as a prerequisite. My intuition was saying no, but against my better judgment I became involved with him. I had talked to her over the phone. She was more than nice. After finding out all the dirt he was doing it’s a wonder she kept my name (our names) straight. lol Well, it was time for a visit. I’m finally going to meet this charming lady. He had an apartment (the one I knew about) that she stayed at the first day or two. He had a roommate, but there was a couch. Where do you think she slept? Do you think he might have slept on the couch and offer her the bed? No, why would you think that? When I figured out that this grown man slept in the same full-sized bed as his mother it crept me out.