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The Ancient Egyptian Success System

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Ra Un Nefer Amen, bestselling author of the Metu Neter discusses one of his latest books, Kamitic Success. According to the ancient Egyptian (Kamitic) spiritual system, success in life is something that can be guaranteed. This is based on the fact that all events in the universe are enabled by energy which is everywhere subject to laws. Where a law is in operation there will be a 100% predictability of results and effects. 100% predictability is another way of saying that effects and results are guaranteed. This is why the sciences of physics and chemistry work the way they do. All events in man’s life are carried out by the life-force part of her/his spirit. Given that the life-force is an energy agency it too is subject to laws and is therefore 100% predictable in regards to its manifestations. The ancient Egyptians gave the name of Maat to the laws governing the universe and man’s spirit. If you have participated in any of the success systems in vogue today you will know that they include spiritual precepts mixed in with psychology and sundry beliefs. In his book Kamitic Success, Mr. Amen teaches how to apply the fundamental tenets of ancient Egyptian spirituality to the achievement of peoples’ goals. In fact, all religions and spiritual system aim in part at enabling people to live a better life on earth—success in other words. The spiritual system of the ancient Egyptians is what allowed them to forge ahead of all other nations in building their civilization to unprecedented and in many respects unsurpassed levels of achievements. Their spiritual teachings are even more important today as life has become much more complex. You will find a sure fire method for success in your career, finances, business, marriage, relationships and spiritual development work.