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Pay Cards Poker

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It was a lot of fun when we played it on The Gaming Zone. Now lets play it here. Thanks to Alan for the game and typing out the rules. We are combining the classic game show pay Cards, with the fun of Texas Hold'em Poker. The first 16 cards on the deck will be used in a Pay Cards format, to choose your two starting cards. You will choose two cards, and then decide if you want to keep both of them, either of them or none of them. Each player afterwards will draw cards and decide to keep them or not. The last person still needing cards will choose the card(s) and must keep whatever they choose. Then we will start the poker part. Three cards are shown, the flop, then the players will have the option to keep playing in the game, or fold, and forfeit half the value of their hand. Then those who are left, will see the next card, and then have one final option to fold. Then the final card is drawn. The player with the best poker hand from the 7 cards (5 community cards and the two whole cards by the players) will win the hand, earn DOUBLE what their poker hand is worth, PLUS, the DIFFERENCE of all the other players who went in all the way. All those who folded before the final card is drawn, won't be part of the winner's score, but will earn half the value of the hand. Here are the payouts for the poker hands. One Pair = $ 50, Two pairs = $ 100, Three of A Kind = $ 150, Straight = $ 250, Flush = $ 350, Full House = $ 500, Four Of A kind = $ 750, Straight Flush = $ 1000, Royal Flush = $ 1500. Thanks Alan for typing this out.