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I hate the Devil he is a Liar, Would You Like Too Crush His FACE with me?

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The devil is a liar and a threat to your life, it's not a luxery you can afford to just turn away from. Truth is you will die and go to hell if you deny Jesus as Lord! The bible says so! The devil is going to beat you down, take everything you have and drag you with him to everlasting torment like nothing you have ever experienced in this life not even on your worst day! the devil has a plan and it's all bad for your life, it includes total misery, deceit, hate, strife, adultry, sadness, depression, lonliness, lust, addiction, fornication, uncleaness, evil, lies, deceit, murder, curse words, madness, and a littany of darkness that is too long a list to complete here.

Solution is simply yet so many choose to make it really hard. I am completely over the devil using me as his personal punching bag. You might not even realize just how much you are being attacked and worst still you might be under his hypnotic rythem that is too say that he has you in a trance like state where you are status quo. You perceive you have things all figured out and everything is ok, the bible was written by a dude. God is whoever you make him to be, you can live life to the fullest, drink, do drugs, have sex, be gay whatever you want you can JUST DO IT! wrong!

Their is truth and error and I have real life experience with the other side so I can attest to reality of a realm of the dark work you might try to ignore but I can't because I get harassed day and night but in the midst still by the grace of the one and only true God the Father of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ keeping me strong and empowering me to share the hope with you. 

So no matter what you might be going through or doubts or whatever the hangups you might be having please stop for a minutes and think and ask yourself if you are wiling to bet all you have on heaven or hell? Are you going to be so hard headed and stiff necked to deny the one free ticket to the best life?