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Gifts of the Holy Spirit, taking the relationship with God to the next level. Dealing with issues close to Gods heart. Teaching the word in truth, in power in Jesus name. Grace through the atonement of Christ searching for the answers and sharing the truth with all. Believing our limitless God for BIG things now and forever!

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The truth will make you free and that free indeed. maybe you have heard of this Jesus and maybe you have not. Maybe you have an image of Him that is wrong or could be updated please allow me to encourage you as He has me... more

The truth is right there for us to see. The more the truth is clouded by efforts the water it down or mislead the people with decption the more we need to know that we know that Jesus is LORD. Then once we make the declaration, we do... more

The truth is closr than you think. The LORD Jesus desires to have a deep intimate relationship with you where you can both walk hand in hand and know all the favor in creation available to use for the greater good of the Kingdom of... more

It was a awesome God is speaking proverbs speaks to what I am saying the HOLY Spirit is constant, the word of God spoken once for all time speaks today and to all who listen His voice can be heard and the enemy has perverted the... more

So easy to do yet so not the popular vote! I have never been to be shy and when the LORD tells me to go I go or to come I come. The message you will hear is from Him and clearly will help deepen your relationship with Him. The power of... more

The Lord has a word for you all and it is a direct message not a watered down message or one that has once letter of me in it. It's 100% Holy Spirit infused word of the LIVING God for you to hear right now today this very minute stop... more

And hearing comes by the word of the LORD so then knowing this we will dive heart first into the word of God, the will of God and the peace of the ALMIGHTY Fors His plans are good and ways are good so then let us enter His rest... more

We are all searching for ways to undertsnad what God is? Is he real? What is He like..REALLY? and all the questions about how does He think? How does it play out in your life? When you pray does He hear us? And when we dont feel like... more

the word of God is so rich and powerful. It's able to save to the uttermost so I am digging in deep and reading the word, faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the word of God. The power is hearing is so rich you will gain... more

The word of God is a powerful tool when we use it and apply it to our life. The relationship element we have when we spend quality time with Jesus in the fellowship of the LORD and His word learning what He has said for us to gather... more