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"It's TIME TO REBUKE THE devil!!! he won't leave without a confrontation!!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"Many times,Scripture shows us Jesus doing miracles.The KEY to UNDERSTANDING WHY He did the Miracles is in the knowing who He went AGAINST WHEN He DID them,and why. He gave the blind their sight again,because He gave them eyes to see.He gave the deaf their hearing again,because He GAVE them EARS to HEAR.He Blessed the lame to WALK,because that's what He gave them LEGS for.He healed those with leprosy,because He didn't MAKE them that way.He healed Peter's mother-in-law from a fever because THAT spirit doesn't work for The Lord. He raised certain folk from the dead because it Glorified God for them to be RAISED instead of being buried.ALL OF THIS,He did to show the devil that JESUS IS LORD! Pilate ended up saying that " I find no fault in him."(John 19:4).
the devil tried to kill all male children 2 years old and under on more than 1 occasion,because satan KNEW that there was some HOLINESS going in the Spirit Realm,and that It was going to BENEFIT The human race.He remembered the Prophecy God gave in Genesis 3:15.
Saints,The Holy Ghost led Brother Paul to warn us of 4 classes of demons that are STILL attacking us CHRISTIANS daily! they are attacking MANKIND DAILY AND NIGHTLY! SOME of the human race,they have captured and HOLD IN Bondage,and those of us that are called CHRISTIANS are the targets of those demons that Paul mentioned.If you DON'T KNOW your enemy,then how CAN you fight them? IT'S TIME TO WAGE WAR! It's TIME TO REBUKE THE devil!!!

    Grab your Bibles and let's get into this and hear what The Holy Ghost has to say to us. He is intending to answer SOMEone's questions. Join me in Mark 1,for starters. You can call for prayer at (203)745-8162,and let's WAGE WAR TOGETHER AGAINST our enemy!"