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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of God,TJC,S&O Telecast


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This Broadcast is to share The Honest TRUTH FROM & ABOUT God's Holy Word which is Life's Doctrine.Ministry Gifts from the 5-Fold Ministry will also help!

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IN The Spirit Realm,there are TWO LEVELS from which Spiritual things happen.There's the 3RD Heaven & The 2nd Heaven. The 3rd Heaven is where ELOHIYM lives,as well as HIS Elect Angels.The 2nd Heaven is from where... more

"The atmosphere AFTER the Death of Jesus was very still.There were MANY that were impacted by His death.MANY were still talking about it.Many couldn't believe it,still. MANY OTHERS didn't remember what He had said about raising up... more

"The scene was intense.Jesus on The Cross.Pilate tried to act innocent.The people were all trying to exercise authority.They were making history and NOT EVEN KNOWING it.They were a nation sealing their OWN fate.Barabas was... more

"Elijah...again,called The Prophet of Fire.Was a prayer warrior that God used to do GREAT Exploits.He feared NO ONE BUT God.In THIS day,too many people that profess to walk with GOD are AFRAID of the enemy OF God.There are... more

"Elijah...The Prophet of Fire.He was a prayer warrior that God used to do GREAT Exploits. He feared NO ONE BUT God.When you read about him,you'll learn so VERY much about obedience and courage and Power and Strength. You'll... more

"The 5-Fold Ministry. ALL 5 of The Offices have DIFFERENT Functions. What DETERMINES The Office are The SPIRITUAL Gifts GIVEN unto The Soldier,that is PLACED BY GOD IN The Office.The Prophet and The Prophetess are... more

"The 5-Fold Ministry. Often Misunderstood by everyone except satan.he KNOWS that where God SENDS The 5-Fold Ministry,that it's NOT going to be a good day for him,the enemy of God. The Apostle establishes people,the Prophet and... more

"When you read John Chapter 3,there is so MUCH that Jesus said to Nicodemus.Nicodemus was a Pharisee,which was one of the Religious Leaders of THAT day. The Pharisees professed to be so very deep and acted as if there... more

"When God places us in position to do something for Him,He first EDUCATES us IN WHAT to do and HOW to do it.Before He RELEASES us INTO The Work,He thoroughly educates us.God is The God of Preparation.Your Blessings come... more

"Philip started as a Deacon,because before God calls an Evangelist into the OFFICE of Evangelist,which deals with PEOPLE, they HAVE to learn HOW to SERVE the people;how to HELP the people;how to ENCOURAGE the... more
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