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"the agenda of a LYING prophet!"

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The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast

The Word of GodTJCSO Telecast


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"When The Lord gives us Leaders a sermon to share with The Congregation,background information is very relevant to the Lesson. Also,it is VERY wise to pause and look up certain facts that you come to when reading the text.There are MANY DIFFERENT angles to notice when examining and preparing a Lesson.
 The LAST thing ANY leader should desire,is to have the sheep ignorant to the Text AND the point of the text...and the lesson.You can go over the SAME TEXT OVER AND OVER AGAIN,and each time,God will give you something MORE to add to what He hath ALREADY REVEALED unto you concerning the Text.In a text,you have the background of the story,the geography of the text,the players of the text,the characters of the text,the Truth of The Text,as well as the
 implications of the Text,if any.In THIS Lesson,we shall examine CLOSELY one of the Players of the Text that also happens to be one of the STAR CHARACTERS.
 This character isn't referred to by a name,but rather an Anointing.An old,ancient Anointing...someone NOT being used by The Lord anymore.You have to be careful about  some of the folk you meet along the way of your journey in Ministry,especially if you are an EFFECTIVE Minister,who is in your RIGHT Office,or being prepared for such.DEAD Ministers want to make YOU dead,also...NO FIRE Ministers desire to put out YOUR Fire,also.Lying Ministers want YOU to
specialize in lying,also,so that you'd be an EXPERT in Prophe-lying.Gay Ministers want to pass that spirit onto YOU,and money chasing Ministers will show YOU HOW to chase money,also.In ALL things,you HAVE to listen to God,when He's training you.He KNOWS the ground rules of Ministry;of a SUCCESSFUL Ministry.
.Let's look in The Spirit Realm and let's allow The Lord to show us some Truths from HIS WORD.
This is part 7 of The Teaching series "BEHIND THE CURTAIN"....