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Life Business and Money - The Importantance of Digestion

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Steven Kay

Steven Kay


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Digestion Is More Important Than You Think!
Have you thought about how important the function of your digestive system is, lately?  Most people only consider it when they have a problem…heartburn, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.  Your digestive system must bring in substances that provide energy, fuel for our body as well as remove waste products.  Also, the majority of your immune system resides in our gut.
Did you know that at 65 years old we only have 10% the amount of digestive enzymes that we produced when we were 20 years old?  The lack of ability to digest our food properly is a major factor in aging.  The potency of the digestive tract starts with hydrochloric acid (HCL) secretion from the chief cells of the stomach – without sufficient acid secretion there is no initiation to the digestive process and protein remains intact and unavailable for absorption.  Some of the primary signs of lack of acid secretion are canker sores in the mouth, allergy patches on the tongue, inflammation or rosacea around the nose, heartburn, a coated tongue, yeast overgrowth and bad breath.  If you have any of these symptoms taking a HCL supplement will most likely benefit you.