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With the Laser Light of Divine Truth in my soul, I cut through the chains of self doubt, self pity, and personal frustration that have plagued me in the past when I have been gripped with challenges. I focus my attention on the Omnipresence that is right here for me—right here IN me, and  I activate strength, power, creativity, and wisdom in my Divine Center. In the Light of Truth I find my way back to the Source of All That Is for it is right here in me – right here as my All and All. Infinite Intelligence blazes in me – straight from the Divine One  who gives me Life. I realize that this is the Power within me that is greater than anything that is in appearance in the world. My mind clears and my thoughts are directed by the Omnipresent I AM.  I am able to see ways to move through, over, around or under any hindrance, obstacle, or difficulty that has appeared. The path forward is made clear. God in me and in All-That- Is makes a way for me where there seemed to be no way.  Oh, I feel the exhilaration that comes with perfect alignment with my Good. My Good is here. I am awake and aware of the Great I AM in me and as me, and I charge forward with all of my inner gifts in perfect order.  I am FREE to be my greatest self. I rejoice and give thanks.

In Universal Consciousness acknowledging the Source-Creator of and in All, Dr. Maisha offers a time for Affirmative Prayer and a Chamber for Collective Prayer. 

Today's focus: 

The Light of Divine Presence in me is in All-That-Is--OmniPresent.  By this Light all things were made and are made.  Light is my Source; from Light all that I need is made right now and delivered to me for my personal use NOW! In this Light, I step forward boldly, undaunted, in full power.