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CHAMBER OF SACRED CREATIVITY TODAY'S FOCUS: CHAMBER OF SACRED CREATIVITY was originally called the "Chamber of Prayer". We are now going beyond Prayer as we have most often talked about it in traditional religion and in the affirmative prayers of New Thought-Ageless Wisdoms communities. Going "Beyond Prayer" brings us to the point of recognizing the phenomenal CREATIVE INGELLIGENCE present in each of us. Know that the most wondrous expression of your deepest desires already exists in the Mind of God -- Complete and Perfect. That Mind is the Creative Intelligence within each of us. Call forth from this Intelligence the Perfect Way through, the Perfect Expression, thePerfect Solution. ENVISION. IMAGINE. STEP INTO IT AND LIVE IT ON THE INNER PLANES. ACCEPT. RECEIVE. REJOICE.
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HEART MATTERS with Dr Alexina

CHAMBER OF UPLIFTING PRAYER-It's Already Done The Good you seek is ready and hanging in superposition ready to collapse into form in your living area--in your very life. Before you call, you are answered. While you are... more

HEART MATTERS with Dr Alexina

SATURDAY MORNING WAKE UP Topic: HOW FREE IS YOUR HEART FROM WARRING SENSATIONS? We often talk about freeing our minds from the "matix" of bigotry, war, otherness, hatred, envy, fear, and unforgiveness. What if... more

CHAMBER OF SACRED CREATIVITY TODAY'S FOCUS: Tune Into ABUNDANCE We begin with a Wealth-Prosperity-Abundance Prayer by Dr. Joseph Murphy I know there is only one Source, the Life-Principle, from which all... more

HEART MATTERS with Dr Alexina

SATURDAY MORNING WAKE UP CALL TOPIC: REMOVING MENTAL COBWEBS Mental Cobwebs by Napoleon Hill 1. Negative: (a) feelings, (b) emotions, and (c) passions; (d) habits, (e) beliefs, and (f) prejudices. 2. Seeing... more

CHAMBER OF UP-LIFTING PRAYER TODAY'S FOCUS: If I Am Lifted UP We are returning for a moment to using "Prayer" as the title of this program. The word PRAYER is known. We are familiar with it. Chamber of Sacred Creativity didn't... more

HEART MATTERS with Dr Alexina