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Spiritual Activists


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Today i open my heart to Divine Revelations ofnTruth and i speak what is revealed to my soul. The Light of Omnipresent Love heals me at the core. I AM free in the Light of Truth.

"As above, so below " is my meditation for today. I realize that in the above of Divine Mind, all Good is known and realized. Every solution to any perceived problem is already supplied and already given. In the Above of Divine Mind, all... more

When recurring negative feelings plague my conscious mind, I realize that I am being called to remember the Truth of my being. Every negative thought or feeling is a sign that I have turned my attention to false evidence appearing real.... more

The Light from the Source of All Light and All Life pierces the dark chamber of false ideas and misunderstandings about myself that have festered in my memory banks. This piercing Light transmutes all hidden emotions that lie beneath this... more

In this moment, I activate the deepest conviction in my soul that All is Well and my highest good is assured. Great Joy wells up in me because I know that I know that I know that everything I need for my spiritual evolution has already been... more

Today we lift our minds up into the Consciousness of the I AM Presence -- up into that part of us that is beyond the appearances of things in this world. We open ourselves up to the Great Spirit within us that knows the Greatest Yet... more

INNER PEACE AND PROSPERITY NOW I turn the focus of my awareness on the Now of Now. This is the moment in eternity when my heart meets the Eternal Presence at the center of my being. In this now moment, the past, the present... more

The Christ of God is here in each of Us. It is the Omnipresent Life individualized as me--as you. "Christ in us, our hope and glory" is our creative self. In our Creative Intelligence -- we acknowledge today as the Christ Consciousness --... more

In a world where there is the appearance of hatred and war, we remind ourselves that there is a Power within each of us that is greater than anything that is in appearance in the world. That Power in us is the Presence -- the Omnipotent... more