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● July 12, 2k14 ● See buttons to the right to access my website, facebook, twitter. ● Welcome to the Soul Path Clarity® channel of my Abracadabra Alchemy® network. ● My name is Doc♠Vaj; I'm (40+) year seasoned Elder Mystic Way Shower whose Light Quotient counter-balances (seventy million) people currently living on lower frequencies. ● I've been broadcasting cosmic level wisdom on the Soul's Earthly life cycle for (6+) years, so when unraveling your life's mysteries becomes your (#1) priority, you're in the right place to accomplish that "spiritual" agenda. ● All that's required is a willingness to TURN ALL YOUR TOYS OFF and focus your attention on what Prime Source Creator makes available (through me), so you can feel my authenticity. ● Resonance is about feelings and experiencing RESONANCE requires possession of: (1) a deep burning desire that doesn’t quit; (2) a willingness to lean into my Light to strengthen your own. ● So be wise, follow this channel and evaluate my contributing factor yourself. ● The Soul's Path Clarifier® - The World's Cartomanc-Seer®

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Intending to optimally empower myself to handle my own ?pre-production costs? of my first (13) week Pilot on a premier global radio network, I've reopened and updated my information website with (2) more "reduced rate special offers". So if you've heard segment (#10) … Spotlight Your BIZ With DocVaj and find value in what Prime Source Creator delivers through me, consider supporting my Light by securing one of these special offers and/or referring others. (1) Only accessible on my http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz site. See Main Store Page Link. Ask And It Is Given® - Email Q&A - Answers On MP3 - (45-60) Minutes (2) Only accessible on my http://TheCartomanc-Seer.Biz site. See Main Store Page Link. Doc♠Vaj's Daily Prayer Remembrance® - Lifting Up Your Heart's (#1) Vital Issue For (365) Consecutive Days. (3) Only accessible on my http://SoulPathClarity.Biz site. Doc♠Vaj's Next Step (MINI) Tele-Chat® - (60) Minutes with MP3 of our session with a gift and receipt for your tax write-off. (I've added a $25.00 Gift Certificate toward any other services or events downstream. There are several options for this chat which is only available on my http://SoulPathClarity.Biz site. Finally, Gift Certificates are also available with special terms for cashing them in. You must inquire and I'll send a special PayPal link: http://TinyURL.Com/ContactDocVaj
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