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● 12/13/14: ● Contrary to popular belief and unenlightened (Human) opinion, because you're an Immortal Being here on Earth for a while, absolutely none of your other options to gain knowledge are more pricelessly vital than (a) remembering the multi-dimensional nature and sovereignty of your Being, (b) remembering how Universal Laws governing Earthly Life are designed to work and (c) remembering (becoming crystal clear about) who we are as Offspring of Prime Source Creator on Earth by choice and by contract ... to fulfill agreements that regard our (threefold) purposes for being here. ● My name is Doc♠Vaj and among other things, I'm an Adept, an Elder Mystic Way Shower whose Light Quotient counter-balances (seventy million) people living on lower frequencies. ● Based on my Sacred Contracts with “PSC", (pure) Cosmic level knowledge insight and wisdom on your Soul's Agreements and inheritance awaits your discovery and embrace when you’re seriously ready to act on your own behalf. ● So when unraveling your mysteries +/or comprehending your higher truth becomes a priority, this channel provides (35+) samples of Prime Source Creator based wisdom delivered thru me. ● The Terms: TURN OFF your toys and focus on how linking your Light with mine makes you FEEL, so you can discern my authenticity and your opportunity. ● Resonance is about feelings and experiencing RESONANCE requires possession of: (1) at least one deep burning desire that doesn’t quit, and (2) willingness to lean into my Light to brighten and strengthen your own. ● So listen to some segments and then decide if partnering with me is wise. ● The Soul's Path Clarifier®, The World's Cartomanc-Seer®. ● When you gain CLARITY there is no choice ... just a path. ●

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Relative Quote: "One who is connected to the energy stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the energy stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that CANNOT be matched by (anything) else in all of the Universe!!" - Abraham Hicks Speaking as AN EXPRESSION of Prime Source Creator's love who is connected to the cosmic energy streams, knowing that pure love brings change ... and that the unresolved grief, unfulfilled desires and unraveled mysteries of each Soul's life story is as unique as they are, on this segment ... 1. I shall explain the (6) aspects of my new assignment as per the new data on my one page site: Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz. 2. I shall state the threefold (spiritual) purposes of our Soul journey on Earth as Immortal Beings. 3. I shall talk about the (13) requisites for healing as per Dr. Maxwell Nartey, Founder of Symptometry®, Root Cause Therapy. Dr. Nartey Quote: ?When people are not healing or are not healthy, it is because imbalances keeping the visible and invisible sides of Self apart - have not yet been resolved.? Primary offers: SOUL PATH PAVER® MP3 & PDF Get Closer To Prime Source Creator: Http://Bit.Ly/DocVajSoulPathPaver NEXT STEP (MINI) TELE-CHAT - (#1) SITE Know your next best step on this Soul journey: Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz INTIMATE GATHERINGS OFFER - SEPARATE SITE Small Group Tele-Chats Or In Person Sessions Http://Bit.Ly/DocVajIntimateGatherings
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Yes I am returning to the Baltimore/DC/NJ/CT area. The Spiritual Query: Given the dynamics of my journey over these past (11) years, coupled with the fact that returning to Charm City was not on my Radar Screen, what could Prime Source... more

Cosmic level surrender regards the multi-level multi-layered aspects of your whole self This segment explains ... Letting Go Of Moving On Ambiguous Loss: The Experience Of Loss Without Closure Feng Shui Your Mind The Soul Path... more

On the high end spiritual consciousness includes: (a) being aware of what's going on within you, (b) being aware of what's going on around you, (c) being aware of how both kinds of awareness affects you, your relationships and... more

EDITED: Personal Soul Chats with your own Self are more potent and powerful than you can imagine. Why? Because in the privacy of your own home, heart, mind, you get to hear all the voices that speak when you touch upon certain... more

EDITED: Human Forgiveness is a spiritual/mental/emotional process designed to free the human mind/body/soul of negative energies being held toward/against a person, group, organization, based on actual/perceived violations of one's... more

On this segment I'm reading from (7) of Dr. Nartey's (23) books: 1. The Cradle Of Truth, only currently available via Symptometry® Headquarters and you can save $10-Bucks when you call and mention my name, DocVaj. 2. Optimal... more

After a series of medical examinations, a stress test, CT Scan(s), Mammogram, a Cardiac Catherization, a Cervical Biopsy and other (White Coats) evaluations over a (6) month timeframe, I was diagnosed as having Cancer. Being born in... more

NOTE: Because my expression on the first broadcast literally felt like (a tidal wave being pressed through a straw), for real, I've completed a BRAND NEW version of my segment featuring Vanda Guzman's Soul Sojourn. I was guided to present... more

Because gifting does yield gaining tonight I present more Cosmic Level wisdom formerly utilized in service to ... Sovereignty Apprentice Candidates, MySIS® Clients and Students Of Universal Law. The core of what's to be shared... more

Abracadabra Alchemy® in play: This is my week of enjoying a self decreed - self induced FULL PARDON; (yes, optimized liberation) from all that tied the energetic hands of (a) my Immortal Essence, (b) my On/Off Planet Ancestors,... more