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● July 12, 2k14 ● See buttons to the right to access my website, Facebook, Twitter. ● Welcome to the Soul Path Clarity® channel of my Abracadabra Alchemy® network. ● My name is Doc♠Vaj and amongst other vital things, I'm (40+) year seasoned Doctor Of Immortality (Elder Mystic Way Shower) whose Light Quotient counter-balances (seventy million) people currently living on lower frequencies. ● Based on my Sacred Contracts with Prime Source Creator, (pure) Cosmic level knowledge, insight and wisdom on the Soul's Earth Walk has been available (through me) via global radio broadcast for (6+) years. ● So whenever unraveling your life's mysteries +/or remembering your higher truth becomes your (#1) PRIORITY, this channel is ideal for accomplishing that "spiritual self dominion" agenda. ● All that's required is your willingness to TURN OFF all your toys and focus on how linking your Light with mine makes you FEEL ... so you can discern my authenticity. ● Resonance is about feelings and experiencing RESONANCE requires possession of: (1) at least one deep burning desire that doesn’t quit, and (2) a willingness to lean into my Light to strengthen your own. ● So be wise, follow this channel and evaluate my contributing factor yourself. ● Doc♠Vaj, The Soul's Path Clarifier® - The World's Cartomanc-Seer®. ● My zero doubt confidence is so contagious that my brand of Light has earned a mass appeal distinction in the (12) Earth Realms. ●

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On this segment I'm reading from (7) of Dr. Nartey's (23) books: 1. The Cradle Of Truth, only currently available via Symptometry® Headquarters and you can save $10-Bucks when you call and mention my name, DocVaj. 2. Optimal Women's Health: How To PREVENT & OVERCOME Every Issue In Female Health. 3. What To Consume: Mankinds (45) Safest Consumables. 4. An In-Depth Study Of The Most Complete Person. 5. The Twelve Steps To Health Longevity: A Perfect Guide That Transcends Culture And Tradition. (Only 39 Pages.) 6. The Downside Of Nutrition: The Untold Truths About The Foods We Love 7. Delicious Cooking Symptometry Style (by Rosalita Nartey) Mouth watering receipes and simple yet scientific cooking methods to ensure PROPER cell nourishment and disease prevention. For full spectrum details on everything visit: Http://Symptometry.Com. For an archive overflowing with health and health related topics visit: Http://BlogTalkRadio.Com/SymptometryRadio Short link to the broadcast (#26) Symptometry = E.B.V.S (Evidence Based Verifiable Science) where Dr. Nartey & I have a live no holds barred chat is: Http://TinyURL.Com/DrNarteysGifts
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NOTE: This audio has been edited. All non-essentials have been deleted. Today I have the pleasure of linking Lights with one who is as committed to purifying her own Light, optimizing her vibration and being yielded to the Earth Walk Plan... more

Because gifting does yield gaining tonight I present more Cosmic Level wisdom formerly utilized in service to ... Sovereignty Apprentice Candidates, MySIS® Clients and Students Of Universal Law. The core of what's to be shared... more

Abracadabra Alchemy® in play: This is my week of enjoying a self decreed - self induced FULL PARDON; (yes, optimized liberation) from all that tied the energetic hands of (a) my Immortal Essence, (b) my On/Off Planet Ancestors,... more

New data on THE LAW here in the state called GEORGIA mandates that I present a (Part B) to my Cancer related saga. As much passion as I generated around this issue today it's become crystal clear that focusing my attention on... more

Okay Peeps ... Time to begin linking the dots between ... LONG TERM PROGRAMMING and what you mindlessly assume, and between PROGRAMMING and what you thoughtlessly believe about the (disease) called... more

VITAL TOPIC FOCUS: The (Spiritual) substance and power of the vibration called DOUBT. ______________________________________________________ Quote from the movie (DOUBT - 2008) - by Patrick Shanley - starring Meryl Streep &... more

Abracadabra Alchemy® Special Presentation: The (4) fold nature of our (#1) Contract with Prime Source Creator. 1. The (3) fold purpose of our Spirit/Soul/Human Earth Walks. 2. Freedom from what? 3. Freedom from... more

UPDATED ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2k14. BE ADVISED: As of August 21,2k14, the original offers on broadcast (#11) Doc♠Vaj's Deals For Donations have been discontinued and replaced with these offers. My focus has shifted to the... more

Tonight I clean up ABSOLUTELY ALL loose ends folks. I refuse to allow Melanin Rich (or anyone else's) deep rooted issue with (i) lack of accountability, (ii) colored-people's-time and (iii) personal ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY to discolor... more