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(#13) Clarity On Our Light Quotient

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Know what the "Light Quotient Concept" is really all about.

You are a one of a kind expression of Prime Source Creator and the world's Matrix Systems exist because the handful of people running things within these systems are (generationally) well versed in the mechanics of unenlightened Human nature.

(1) They know absolutely everything about the immutability of Universal Laws, how they work and how to work them in their favor.  

(2) They know absolutely everything about the LIMITLESS POWER YOU ARE, as an Offspring of Prime Source Creator; how to mold, shape and program and thereby control your mind; how to perpetually trigger your emotions in specific ways, and they even know how to make you believe you matter within their systems to the degree that most people don't even fathom that they're groomed to mistake their fears of the consequences of violating the systemm for love or appreciation of what they've been groomed to believe the system does for them!!

(3) With this knowledge about you, they know that from the cradle to the grave they can cause the masses to BE OBEDIENT.

Check YouTube for short videos on Stanley Milgram Obedience Studies which reveal how very easy it is to mind-control society and remember that you are part of society, so were your parents, grandparents, etc.

Based on how you receive what's above and if you DARE to face the reality that every phase of your life is a Matrix System, what I offer may begin to hold appeal.

So tune in for some simple data streams about Light Quotient and more.

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