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911 Revisited: 12 Years On

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It's been 12 years since ‘the day that changed the world forever’, an event we're told was the work of 19 vengeful Muslim Arabs hijacking four commercial airplanes with box cutters and flying them into major U.S. landmarks.

The event spurred the U.S. government to herald a new regime – the ‘endless War on Terror’ – to protect Americans – and ‘freedom-loving peoples everywhere’ – from the terrorists who “hate us for our freedoms,” freedoms that were subsequently dismantled in systematic fashion by those same legislators, not the alleged terrorists. But the effects of 9/11 extend way beyond the evisceration of civil liberties.

An ‘Axis of Evil Regimes that harbor terrorists’ was declared; whole countries and millions of people were wiped off the map. A global ‘Big Brother’ surveillance infrastructure came into being, rapidly transforming the ‘free West’ into an ubiquitous totalitarian regime (with the rest of the world following suit to one degree or another). Rampant plundering of economies by elite-owned banks and corporations caused a global financial crisis in which ordinary people were left holding the bill.

As shocking as 9/11 was, the underlying motif of a ‘self-inflicted wound’ to institute a larger, covert agenda is one that repeats in history. Hitler had his 9/11 with the Reichstag Fire. The Catilinarian Conspiracies were the product of Cicero’s devious imagination in the tumultuous period that saw Rome transition from Republic to Empire.

This week we’re going to look back at what really happened that fateful day, discuss the most likely conspirators, and try to understand the attacks in the context of all that has transpired on our planet since then.

Join us from 2-4pm (EST) this Sunday 8 September as we examine America’s “new Pearl Harbor.”