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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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I have a friend that is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and what I have notice is something that I am also seeing in her husband; they are both rising to the occasion and simply doing what it takes to defeat the disease. They are not whining or feeling sorry for themselves; they are not complaining how 'hard it is', or how bad the situation has become. All they are doing is getting on with the job of trying to beat the disease with whatever therapy has a chance to affect a positive outcome. So far so good.

I experienced a similar situation in 2006 when I was diagnost with stage 4B malignant melanoma. In my case the doctors said that I have very little chance of surviving, and if I did my prognosis long term was at the most 5 years. I determined that I would NEVER become a surviver of this disease, because I felt that the idea of 'surviving' gave too much power to a negative outcome, that I was not in control of the outcome. I upped my homeopathic regimines, I was a compliant patient, and did EVERYTHING my surgeon and onchologist required. After major neck surgery, proton beam therapy, and high dose IV Interferon-A for a month, and high dose injectable Interferon-A for another 11 months (during which I lost the sight in my left eye due to Interferon retinopathy) I beat back my cancer with a big stick. I pray the same outcome for my friend.

I both or our cases neither of us have given in to self pitty, blame, or dispare. We DID something about our situation, and did not sit around and lay blame, or wallow in self pity. DOING something when in danger is always better than not.

So I do not understand how people that have the disease of 'SIN' think that they can saved by saying that sin is not their fault, that sin has no penalty, that obeying the 10 Commandments does nothing to resolve their condition, and that DOING NOTHING but believing in grace can save them.