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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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I am old enough to remember the days when cameras used film cassettes, film rolls, or sheet film (for view cameras), and you actually had to manually adjust the parameters of the exposure onto the camera in order to get the correct exposure. For 28 years I was a professional photographer, and I used not only a Nikon-F with a variety of lenses, but I also had a Mamyia RB-67 mediium format (6x7 centimeter) for studio work, and also for high end weddings. Each of these cameras had an iris ring that could either be opened or closed (called the f-stop ring) to adjust for lighting, and a speed knob where you could adjust the speed of the shutter-this setting controlled the depth of field.

Today, most of you who read this will not understand a word I just said, because with modern stand alone digital camera, and even more common today excellent cameras in our cel phones, we never have to think about either of these parameters (f-stop, speed) when we take photos. Wonderful pictures just seem to happen, as if by magic.

The other thing that you had to do with these older technology cameras is that with every exposure you would have to actually focus the lens (using the focus ring on the lens) on the subject in order to get the clearest picture. All of this took time; setting the exposure, judging the speed of the exposure, and focus. Today, we simply open the camera app on our phones, then point and shoot, and we get really incredible picture.

Finding Truth, seeing truth, is unfortunately more like the former than the latter. We put our minds on 'automatic' and assume that what we are seeing is the truth, when manual adjustments to 'how' we view truth are needed in order to know that what we are seeing IS the truth.

Seeing truth is NOT automatic just because we attend a church, or subscribe to a popular philosophy. Once you learn how to focus your mind you will be astonished at how clear truth becomes.