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The Bible On Trial

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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America is going through a tough time right now because there is lots of back lash from many quarters about the need for 'common sense' gun control. Don't worry, this is NOT the subject of this piece. It does, however, bring up this issue, and that is that one solution that has been proferred as to how to solve the gun violence issue is to ban guns. This is not new. But what is new, in America at least, is that when a person uses words to disagree with any change in policy toward the 2nd Amendment they are regailed with all sorts of personal attack and invective (swearing), and accused of being all sorts of things with they are not.

When we here at Spirit of Truth Ministry dare to question the verasity and validity of a certain New Testament 'apostle', we recieve the brunt of many of the same types of comments people are using to describe the character, personality, and mental competency of those that DO NOT want to ban guns in America. The WORDS we use in describing this beloved apostle infuriate people to such an extent that they have stated categorically the we are "servants of Satan", and what we say must be stopped at all cost. In both of these cases the idea that people should not be allowed to say that they believe and know to be the truth means that those words need to be banned. 

Now you will say that this is impossible in a 'free' country, or in a 'free world', because no one is actually saying that. And yet prophecy in Revelation tells us that this is exactly what is to happen at the time of the end; so much so that people will be prevented from participating in commerse to the extent that they will be prevented from "buying and selling", and will pay for their words with their lives. Words mean things; and it is importnat for us to listen carefully to the words of people with which we disagree, simply because there may be truth in them.