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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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No amount of persuasion can convince a person that is sure of themselves that they are believing a lie, if they believe that lie is the truth. Hurricane Irma is bearing down of Florida with a vengence, and people en mass are fleeing before it, but there are still people that believe that they will survive it 'in place'. I truly hope that it turns out to be true, but the likelyhood of everyone that is caught in the high wind and waves will survive unharmed is statisically nil. One of these people is my younger sister, Debra, and I am very worried or her safety. My wife's nieces husband is visiting his home country of Trinidad/Tobago and has been caught as well, unable to get a flight out of danger.

Why do people wait until the very last minute to realize that danger is hurtling toward them, and they better take precautions, and make preparations for unexpected outcomes? This is a very human condition that is based in the optimizm that 'it can't happen to me'. 

The study of end-time prophecy in Scripture shows that there are going to be lots of people with this viewpoint, that will be caught off guard by and 'unexpected return' of Jesus. And that happens because they are looking for His return to happen one way, when in reality it actually happens another way. The same is true for those that believe that there is only one 'salvation', and that is through faith by grace, as described by Paul in his gospel. These people will be 'caught off guard' when it is shown to them that this 'gospel' was a lie, and will not believe the alternative because they have never looked for that alternative.

Spirit of Truth Ministry offers that alternative; the gospel of the process of sanctification through the words of Jesus that He gave to His own eyewitness disciples. This gospel is very different than what is being taught by Christianity, yet it offers the only true salvation.