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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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In a courtroom, evidence is presented that attempts to prove the defendent both guilty and innocent. The procecution want a conviction, the defence wants an aquittal. The key to this evidence is WHO is doing the presentation, WHAT they are saying, and if are they honest, forthright, and truthful. If the jury chooses to believe someone that is presenting evidence that is tainted, or if they are fooled into believing that the defendent is lying when in fact the defendent is telling the truth, then the outcome of the trial will not reflect reality. Satan has set a reality in the world that has made EVERYONE believe a lie as if it is the truth. NO ONE starts out KNOWING the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Satan has accused God of duplicity in His creation of the universe, and specifically this world, by making it impossible for the inhbitants of the world (ne Universe) to choose anything but obedience, and obedience under the threat of death. 

God has defended Themselves in the court on Heaven against this accusation by sending His Son Jesus Christ to earth to TESTIFY TO THE TRUTH (John 18:37), and demonstrate that truth through by complete obedience to the Covenant. This IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The testimony of Jesus is the ONLY evidence that has proven that Satan's accusation against God has no basis in FACT; that its basis is only in faith.  That is why Satan desperately wants the world to believe that they are 'saved by faith'. But this is a lie that is couched in something that 'looks' like truth. Do not be fooled; learn the testimony of Jesus, and be truly saved