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Planet X/Niburu, Moon Orbit Changes, Earth Spin Changes and Pole Shifting.

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Planet X/Niburu, Moon Orbit Changes and Earth Spin Changes and Pole Shifting,

Planet X or Niburu:  A hypothetical planet that many believe to be real, and according to believers, is in an eliptical orbit around the Sun every 3,000 years or so.  This planet allegedly is very close-by, within our solar system right now.  One can find pictures of it nearby the sun, at sunrise or sunset, across the globe by searching "pictures of Planet X double sun" on Google.  Planet X evidently emits micro-wave radiation, which is melting the polar ice caps from underneathe the ice caps by heating the earth, and thereby accellerating the physical pole shifts. This physical ple shift is happening as a result of the gravitational pull from this lage planet (4X larger than planet Earth).

The moon's orbital path deviated by 5.9 degrees for as long as we have been keeping track.  But, now it is deviating by 34 degrees, as a result of either 1) Planet X/Niburu or 2) NASA bombed the moon with a "kinetic bomb" in Oct. 2009.

The Earth's axis has tilted, and the rate of rotation has changed since the Japan Earthquake which caused the Fukashima disaster, this is also causing weather pattern changes across the globe.

Pole shifts can be magnetic, or physical.  The physical pole shift, which is being initiated by Planet X "as we speak," has happened before.  This is evedenced by the strange FOREST lying UNDERNEATH THE ANTARCTIC.  An in-tact, frozen forest exists underneath the Antarctic ice cap  This ice-covered burried forest could ONLY OCCUR as a result of a RAPID PHYSICAL POLE SHIFT, which many believe we are experiencing right now as a result of Planet X entering our solar system.