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    Global Warming

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    Tonight we talk about Global Warming

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    global warming,,is gerbal warming,,lol,,up our asses!

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    admitting climate change is real is now the trend,,,well duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh,,,its gerbal warming,,,im sure they are lovin it!

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    Our Global Warming Alarmists Speak

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    Well, it's almost a perfect day to talk about this from wet, snowy, chilly Ohio on now the 10th day of "spring".  Michael Mann, he of the "global warming hockey stick" creation is telling us, along with the IPCC, that if we don't discontinue or lessen our dirty fossil fuel burning ways,that many regions of the globe will be literally unlivable.  Gawker, a far left website, put out a piece saying climate change deniers need to be put in jail.  I'll be covering both of those issues and hopefully trying to restore, not that it's necessary for most in all likelihood, but trying to restore some sanity and fact to this issue.  Let's see if that's possible at 4:30 Eastern time, and archived after that

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    Jeffrey Kiehl--Psychological Insights into Global Warming

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    We know the science--at least some of it--too much carbon in the atmosphere; the ice is melting, sea is rising,; weather patterns are changing. But have you done anything really radical to alter your behavior to offset global warming? What about your neighbors? Why not?  Jeffrey recognizes that when one is bombarded with information about global warming/climate change, it causes trauma. We must be helped through the trauma if we are to be proactive.  He will help us explore the deep psychological roots involved with this problem, i.e., the problem of our inaction. Jungian psychology provides a unique depth perspective given its views on the structure and dynamics of the psyche. From it, we will draw on the concepts of the shadow, complexes, and the archetype of the Self. The process of individuation, the goal of which is to connect the ego to the archetype of the Self, might be a way to address global warming. In particular, he emphasizes the concept of holding the tension of opposites between a masculine and feminine view of global warming.

    Jeffrey is both a climatologist (at the National Center for Atmospheric Research) and a Diplomate in Jungian Psychology, in private practice. He speaks to groups large and small about these issues.

    Also see his website and blog for more information.

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    Proof There is Global Warming

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    Our guest, Elizabeth Baker is an author and film producer. The film Elizabeth is working on now is about global warming. Creating this film led Elizabeth to a small village in Alaska. She learned that The small village of Kivalina is disappearing quickly due to the melting Artic ice caps. They may be refugees by 2025.

    we will be asking Elizabeth about her new book, The Gifts of Graditude

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    Global Warming

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    Michael Pereira stoped by the studio. Mr. Pereira is a seasoned business professional as well as an entrepreneur. He’ll touch upon China’s attitude towards global warming, while we discuss our new international trade office opening up in Providence that will have an impact on our local economy. ReNewable Now…educating you on the business side of Green!!

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    the Notebook: Global Warming?

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    Dr. Bob Reuschlein, founder of the Reuschlein Peace Institute and father of "Peace Economics" shares his in depth reseach on global warming / climate change paterns. learn more about Dr. Reuschlein at his official website : http://www.realeconomy.com

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    Planet Zorg 42: pt3 Global Warming & Net Neutrality

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    Planet Zorg 42: pt3 Global Warming & Net Neutrality

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    PIJN News: Most Scientist Now Believe Global Warming NOT Man-Made

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    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Christian preachers win a court case after being falsely arrested by police for preaching the gospel.
    * The IRS chief Lois Lerner has now lost 2 years of emails? What is she hiding from Congress?
    * Most scientists now believe that “global warming” is not man-made.

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    C.D.: They’re Burning me up with this Global Warming (oops!), Climate Change

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    This week, Congress held a hearing / discussion on what is purported to one of the critical, survival issues – Climate Change.

    Since Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, many are thoroughly convinced that we’re headed for doom, unless we do something about the record, warm weather we’ve experienced. The argument was bolstered momentum after Hurricane Katrina. 

    Putting “2” and “2” together, increasingly warmer weather means more hurricanes, destruction and overall, imbalances in nature’s life cycles,

    On the surface, no real argument, save a nefarious monopoly which projects that Climate Change (remember Global Warming?) is due solely to emissions from carbon-based fuels; oil, natural gas, coal.

    Anyone who dares to question or challenge this dogma, is swiftly dismissed as “anti-science”.  In fact, Barack Obama, at the University of California, Irving’, mocked those whom he’s deemed as deniers of “climate change”.

    To what extent, the worldwide temperatures have increased or decreased, can be verified, by gathering temperature data over any specified period of time.

    What's problematic, are the distorted and convoluted determination of those who insist on the "one-factor" theory. It’s quite possible, they're correct, but it’s also conceivable that the earth is undergoing its own, natural cycle, predicated by – God forbid, the Creator, God Himself, what you never hear from the “Climate-Bullies”.

    We must consider all possible factors in “Climate-Change / Global Warming”, and the last thing we need, is overbearing dogma from those who have a convoluted, disingenuous and dishonest agenda – and engage in “Science-ing”.


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    How Dirty are the Words 'Global Warming' and Why You Should Care

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    If the world was sunshine and roses and 'yes' we all walked up hill in the snow to get to school while our mothers tended to the fields for our meals, the word 'global warming' would never be around, but it is.  Is it because we don't live like we used to, we have exploited our planet and now it is kicking us in the derriere?

    My guest is Todd Lehman, Co-founder and Executive Director of EnviroHub, an environmental science library and sustainability directory free to the public.  They help people understand the science behind certain environmental issues like climate change, water pollution and forest economics.  People can get involved by searching their directory of sustainability organizations to help make a difference in their own communities.  EnviroHub has become one of the largest onine libraries of environmental science and now reaches over 45 countries around the world.

    If you are an organization or non-profit and wish to be listed in this directory, visit www.envirohub.org and use the promo code from this show:  DrJG.

    If you are looking for the science behind earth changes and would like to start doing something about it in your life and community, visit www.envirohub.org.

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