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D-Day - The Constitution, Liberty and Freedom vs Tyranny:

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Our Three Co-Equal Branches of Government Fundamentally Defined and The Mythology employed to Deconstruct our Constitution. Just as our enemies during World War II wished to do – no difference at all. Except they were on the record as enemies of freedom and liberty.

How this battle is as or more important than the invasion of Normandy Beach seventy years ago in 1944. Then we were battling an enemy who declared they would replace our Liberty and Freedom with the Tyranny of Germany and Japan.  I do ask any veterans reading this to be patient with me as the parallels I’m drawing will become obvious to you.The Enemies of freedom now come from within and hide behind the shell of a  document they call the Constitution. The Constitution clearly lays out the role of our Government for all to see along with three co-equal branches of government.

Each department is truly independent of the others, and has an equal right to decide for itself what is the meaning of the constitution in the cases submitted to its action...Thomas Jefferson

The intention of our conversation will be to enable everyone to fully understand how leaders across the board have presided over the deconstruction of the Constitution. The methods they are using and how they are redefining our form of government. We are not talking about conspiracy theories or world orders. We are talking about what I will term adversaries to freedom from within; who are about to win this battle for Liberty vs Tyranny to your detriment. 

One can argue that the actual or perhaps final role of the Federal Government is as fluid today as it was at conception. We see repeated instances of disagreement from the founders till now over how big and how much power the Federal Government should maintain.However on the fundamentals of Government:  Separation of Powers, The Popular Vote, Inalienable Rights and Limited Government; the founders almost universally agreed: