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the new science......the trap

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explanation of what divides conscious from sub-conscious thoughts as it relates to chemical and electrical activity in a mass substance called..."the brain".....spirituality is fundamental to processing of coalessed information stored in such a mass media....division of believers and non-believers due to this processing...in some people, the spiritual world is non existence because of logical processing and most others are believers because there is no logical processing...information is scattered and incoherant...conflicts within one's self is continuously manipulated by themselves and others that can influence reactions by external input....when there is no solution...they turn to fiction and non fact of the sub-conscious and can easily be swayed into believing something that has no merit or fact....the brain is a very complex computer capable of analytical process of both worlds in order to satisfy a sought after solution...if no solution is found....it causes erratic behaviour and non sequitorial results which is further compounded by more external stimulus.....a point is reached where they decide that a made up fiction or belief must be the answer....such as spirituality......it is similar to a computer trying to find an answer to pie ...which is a continuos transandental endless number...if such a computer had the capability for sub-conscousness...it would eventually settle for an answer that must make sense but not necessarily be correct......