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the new science that changes history books and religious books, facts that are still hidden secret....evolution and our future

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explanation of what divides conscious from sub-conscious thoughts as it relates to chemical and electrical activity in a mass substance called..."the brain".....spirituality is fundamental to processing of coalessed information stored... more

the explanation and building description of ozone generators i will discuss on this episode is for a favour to my nephew...a very smart young man who truly wants to know and learn and is eager to succeed at his attempts......i wish to help him in... more

i was asked to elaborate more on free this episode covers a little thing called back emf.......i will also explain what happens in a wire when you first apply power to it........this is not taught in schools...but it should be......especially... more

this show describes free energy and how simple it is to actually put together......discounting what we were taught in school.......still hidden secrets that even today are not taught to anyone because it would upset all the... more

this show , i will describe how to build certain paranormal science related is considered paranormal because they violate the laws of physics .....but, regardless that they viloate those laws, they still work and i for one would... more

"An induced current is always in such a direction as to oppose the motion or change causing it".......this law was found by a scientist named heinrich lenz a very long time ago.......laws such as this one above has been brainwashed into... more

this episode will discuss human behaviour as it relates to electrical atomic interactions and how it may affect your well it affects your reasoning and how it affects your mood......neutrality is the key......people say that... more

this show is based on our new science which no one seems to care about turning this population into zombies and yet the rewards are being reaped by our population in exchange for outrageous currency they really know... more