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Taking stock and holding it

  • Broadcast in Television
Silas Kain

Silas Kain


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OK, here’s the deal. One doesn’t necessarily have to own Disney stock to have been directly affected by Disney business.  Disney is everywhere these days – whether it’s with the deliberate destruction of the ABC brand or watching your favorite sports on ESPN.  When you’ve got kids you inevitably end up taking them to Disneyland or Disneyworld.  A home your kids are watching the Disney cable channels because parents are under the mistaken impression that all Disney children’s programming is wholesome and represents true American “family values”.  Yeah, that’s the lazy way out, folks. Too many parents are using Disney programming as an alternative to babysitters and proactive parenting.  I know. I’ll make a few people mad, but PROVE me wrong!

We are soap opera fans.  And we’ve hidden in shame too long.  We get the big picture.  We understand all of the elements which create compelling, quality scripted programming.  For over half a century our voices have been muffled, ignored and disregarded by Madison Avenue Advertising moguls and a Neilsen ratings system which favor the “haves” over the “have nots”.  There it is, pure and simple.  Our entire entertainment structure is a reflection of our politics.  Soap fans, this is our time.  The Lucinda Walshes, Mac Corys, Kay Chancellors, Mona Kanes, Phoebe Tyler Wallingfords, Lila Quartermaines, Tom Hortons and Victoria Lords need to come out from behind the soap fan closet doors! 

Tonight we discuss the College Coupon Campaign which kicks off Labor Day!  We’ll discuss how far we have come this summer and what we are going to do to make EVERY network take notice as we enter the new Fall Season!  Join the chat, call in – get involved!