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Lifes Balance with Shaman M On BlogTalk Radio Shaman M covers everything to balance your life. Shamanism to Reiki, supplemental Nutrition to Astrology, Traditional Yoga to intuitive readings. Let's not forget the drumming and vision questing My visions started when I was young and I knew certain functions of the physical body that were way above a child’s’ knowledge. I knew about my sexual abuse months before it happened. This was the case when I almost drowned at sixteen and died, for an unrecorded time, at seventeen in an auto accident. These gifts were suppressed from everyone until I started with my study of herbs and Astrology at nineteen. At twenty-eight, I graduated with a Associates of Applied Sciences Degree in Computer Electronics and worked for the U.S. Government, which was very stressful. This eventually manifested in severe health problems and weight gain. Depressed and in despair, I turned to my Shamanic studies and with my knowledge of the human body I added the human physic. Balance of vibration, emotion, and spirit is the key that I found to recovery and health. Now I share this ability and help people come back into life, love, and happiness once again. I am currently in the 1% of the nation that has recovered from Insulin Resistance. In addition, having lost 125 pounds in 2005, I feel great and my life is wonderful. I am a Reiki Master, Deplumed in Fixed Star Astrology, an Ordained Minister, Intuitive, Yogini Sadhaka (student), Life Wellness Guide, and of course, encompassing all these talents, A Shaman.

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Shaman M

We have Ayurveda! 29 August 2010 Direct from India

  • by Shaman M
The wonderful highly educated and intelligent Dr Ashutosh and Dr Anagha Yardi have agreed to talk on the Ayurvedic way. Body typing and diet are only one piece of this fasinating lifestyle.There is a philosophy that spans thousands of... more
Shaman M

Missed Show from India

  • by Shaman M
Greetings All, First let me appologize for the missed show. We did our best but India and their internet is..well let me just say it's intermittant. Some days it works and some days it's off all day, It's always off from 2-3 hours every morning. So... more