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    Talking in Circles: Silly Season and Driver Statement Picks

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    On tonight's episode, Brandon and Clayton give their opinions on the latest Silly Season news coming out of NASCAR. 

    Cole Whitt's deal with Front Row Motorsports was officially announced. ARCA's most succesful driver ever, is on the move but to a rival. In the Xfinity Series, JD Motorsports has announced the signing of driver, Harrison Rhodes to run full-time for them in 2015. Carl Long Racing announced that Derek White will drive their Dodge at Daytona. In the Camping World Truck Series, Tyler Young returns to the seat of the Young's Motorsports Chevy and Brandon Jones will run 16 races for GMS Racing. 

    After that they'll discuss 4 driver topics, and pick the driver that they think will fit that bill the most. The four topics will be Comeback Driver of the year, A driver who they feel will be the driver who retracts the most. The most surprising driver of 2015, and a driver who we feel will be the most disappointing driver in 2015.

    Plus, your phone calls, tonight on Talking in Circles.

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    ATTACK OF KILLER BEES: How to survive attacks communicated by silly humans

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    ATTACK OF KILLER BEES: How to survive attacks communicated by silly humans

    These bees only have a bite if you allow them to distract you and if you have no understanding of logical fallacies, figures of speech, and blind rage/ignorance, mixed with an unhealthy dose of CointelPro.

    SITUATION:   I just experienced another bullying attempt while I was on a show called Talk Real Solutions.  Several guest callers went on the attack calling me names, using ad hominem attacks, creating straw men arguments, moving the goal post, etc.   I was about to hang up but then I remembered both that other callers were quite but probably not as blatantly negative, but also that if you hang up on a bully they then continue their attacks without you there to help educate others to the killer b's (B**tch****, bast***d) tactics. So at the end of the attack, I decided it would be appropriate to create a short radio special regarding the incident and ways you (the listener) can survive such BS, but also not be detered from the positive you seek to do. Remember that some people are paid to distract us from our casues, others are apologists (brainwashed) who do this out of their own non-profit ignorance.



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    Talking In Circles: Kurt Busch Situation, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Silly Season

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    Tonight on the show we discuss the Kurt Busch Situation. What will the end be? How will/should NASCAR handle the situation with the former champion. 

    We will also discuss the status of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The historic place has been losing money in recent years and now they've announced new voting members.  

    We will also talk about the NASCAR Silly Season and discuss the possibility of more news coming your way in the next few weeks. 

    Also, Clayton will have a late show rant on one person he just wants to see go away. 

    Plus taking your phone calls! 

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    Aftermath: What Next and Some Silly Mess

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, now that the midterm election is over what is next.  What should be the conservative strategy moving toward the 2016 election?  Well I plan on telling you today.  I also get into some of the silly crap being said about the Republican win on Tuesday.

    Get a pen, paper and your debit card out because you are going to need all three today if you are interested in winning in 2016. 

    www.theredriverchronicle.com - www.newhomesoftpa.com - www.draftkings.com - www.fanduel.com - www.blackconservativesfund.com

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    Club Silly

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    Club Silly

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    The Path to Silly - or - Who Cares What They Think???

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    Seriously...so to speak...when you feel free to look silly, and you don't care what others' think because you're focused on having such a good time ... now you're dancing! Now you're boogeying with freedom! Now you're letting yourself be a goofball because you are enjoying yourself so much, you couldn't care less what others think!

    In tonight's show, I am going to be sharing with you some secrets and practices from the world of acting that are all about letting yourself LAUGH, BE HEARD, EXPRESS, BE GOOFY, BE SILLY, and why it's absolutely PERFECT that you do.

    When I became an actor and singer - when I started to use my voice - when I stopped judging myself before I let my joy show, is when I began to understand that freedom lay in our voices, in our physical expression, in our SILLINESS, in our joy.

    Join me for tips and tricks about letting yourself out of the bag!

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    Start Of The Silly Season & The Youth Vote: Liz Peek & Lauren Cooley

    in Politics Conservative

    This show is dedicated to: Army Capt. Jason B. Jones, Died June 2, 2014 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and Dan, of Pundit Press Radio is an ongoing discussion of recent events, issues and the upcoming elections.

    Special Guests:

    Liz Peek, has been a columnist with The Fiscal Times and FoxNews.com. For several years she was the business columnist for The New York Sun; she has also written for The Huffington Post, The Motley Fool and published a weekly column on Women on the Web (wowOwow.) She has also contributed articles to Trends, a business periodical in the Middle East, Avenue and The New York Observer. She is a regular guest on FoxNews.comLive and has appeared on other TV programs including Larry Kudlow and Fox and Friends. She has been twice nominated for a Loeb Award.


    Lauren Cooley, Turning Point USA, grew up in South Florida and graduated from Furman University where she was the CEO of the Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow. Lauren is a freelance journalist and her hobbies include talk radio, music/song writing and coaching a high school robotics team. At one point, she was the second best robot driver in South Florida. Lauren is excited to be part of Turning Point USA’s mission of changing hearts and minds. Given the opportunity, she would love to dogsled and play basketball with Sarah Palin.


    It's a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Republic!

    You never know what we'll talk about: conservative, constitution, freedom, liberty, obama, tea party, gun control, republican, libertarian, stop white guilt, word


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    EZ TALK LIVE 1.12 Feat. Silly Ass Productions On EZ WAY BROADCASTING

    in Entertainment


    Brought to you by EZ WAY PROMOTIONS & THE #STOPTOUR  


    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his commity efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars. Of course EZ will be accompanied by his angels, who love being apart of the fun. EZ WAY 411 will be giving you all the news and reviews, "EVERYTHING EZ WAY" 

    Directors Conner - Hosted by Nolbert Brown Jr. Nolbert Brown Jr., is an award-winning writer and director.  He is the CEO and founder of SunTan Entertainment and SunTan School of Theater and has produced over twenty productions thoughout his career. - Nolbert is the creator of the character George Jefferson on the show The Jeffersons. With many awards under his belt like a Tony, Soul Train Music Awards.

    Guest: Jamal CEO Silly Ass Productions 

    Song of the week - Rachell Robbins "Outa My Head" 

    CALL IN! 914-338-1303 


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    Just silly me testing the sound quality.

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    nothing to see here... nothing to hear here either! Ha!

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    Silly Eve - Caught Trying To Pass The Buck (41)

    in Christianity

    This devotional Bible study scheduled for Monday January 5, 2015 is based on Genesis 3:13.  When the Lord confronted Eve in the Garden she tried to pass the buck by blaming the serpent.  Today many Christians do likewise.  Passing the buck and not owning one's sin(s) only makes matters worse.  Tune in and discover what God would have us learn from this biblical text.

    E-mail us at manna4today14@gmail.com in order to recieve daily outlines corresponding each Bible study.

    Please spread the word about DAILY MANNA FROM HEAVEN by telling your fellow church members, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers about this life inspiring and Christ-honoring radio program.

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