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    Aftermath: What Next and Some Silly Mess

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, now that the midterm election is over what is next.  What should be the conservative strategy moving toward the 2016 election?  Well I plan on telling you today.  I also get into some of the silly crap being said about the Republican win on Tuesday.

    Get a pen, paper and your debit card out because you are going to need all three today if you are interested in winning in 2016. 

    www.theredriverchronicle.com - www.newhomesoftpa.com - www.draftkings.com - www.fanduel.com - www.blackconservativesfund.com

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    Club Silly

    in News

    Club Silly

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    The Path to Silly - or - Who Cares What They Think???

    in Entrepreneur

    Seriously...so to speak...when you feel free to look silly, and you don't care what others' think because you're focused on having such a good time ... now you're dancing! Now you're boogeying with freedom! Now you're letting yourself be a goofball because you are enjoying yourself so much, you couldn't care less what others think!

    In tonight's show, I am going to be sharing with you some secrets and practices from the world of acting that are all about letting yourself LAUGH, BE HEARD, EXPRESS, BE GOOFY, BE SILLY, and why it's absolutely PERFECT that you do.

    When I became an actor and singer - when I started to use my voice - when I stopped judging myself before I let my joy show, is when I began to understand that freedom lay in our voices, in our physical expression, in our SILLINESS, in our joy.

    Join me for tips and tricks about letting yourself out of the bag!

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    EZ TALK LIVE 1.12 Feat. Silly Ass Productions On EZ WAY BROADCASTING

    in Entertainment


    Brought to you by EZ WAY PROMOTIONS & THE #STOPTOUR  


    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his commity efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars. Of course EZ will be accompanied by his angels, who love being apart of the fun. EZ WAY 411 will be giving you all the news and reviews, "EVERYTHING EZ WAY" 

    Directors Conner - Hosted by Nolbert Brown Jr. Nolbert Brown Jr., is an award-winning writer and director.  He is the CEO and founder of SunTan Entertainment and SunTan School of Theater and has produced over twenty productions thoughout his career. - Nolbert is the creator of the character George Jefferson on the show The Jeffersons. With many awards under his belt like a Tony, Soul Train Music Awards.

    Guest: Jamal CEO Silly Ass Productions 

    Song of the week - Rachell Robbins "Outa My Head" 

    CALL IN! 914-338-1303 


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    Angry Deva's Radio Show: Silly Rabbit, Tricks are for kids

    in Radio

    We Dish on EVERYTHING. From clothes, current events, black female enterprise, black feminism, black female rights, black female sexuality, black female health, black female wealth and most importantly BLACK FEMALE SOVEREIGNTY!


    While Iyanla mite "help" you "fix" your life: the Angry Deva's help you GET YO LIFE! 

    In all thy Getting, get an Understanding.


    The Original Mother, the Black Wombyn is the last to awaken to her Divinity and Divine Place in the Cosmos. We are the place to discuss all the things they DON'T WANT us to talk about or focus on. Tune in daily, write to us to be a host, and share! This is FOR US and BY US. so lets SUPPORT our OWN.

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    Talking in Circles: Off of Break- Silly Season News Galore!

    in Sports

    We're off our hiatus, and we're back to talk about everything in racing. 

    Also, a couple of weeks ago some changes were announced with the 5 team. The 5 team, has resigned driver, Kasey Kahne to a multi-year deal, and replaced crew chief, Kenny Francis with Keith Rodden who came over from Chip Ganassi Racing. Ganassi has hired Matt McCall to be the crew chief in 2015…. Clayton there’s a lot to dive into with all of this. First and foremost, everyone believed that Kahne would be replaced by Chase Elliott after the 2015 season. With this multi-year deal, and the current 4-car limit in NASCAR, how does Hendrick keep all of his drivers happy?

    Does one go to a different team?

    Does NASCAR lift the 4-car limit? 

    Josh Wise will also be back at Phil Parsons Racing originally reported by TheRacingExperts.com putting to bed any rumors of him driving for another race team in 2015.

     Martin Truex Jr will have a new cc in 2015, as Todd Berrier will be reassigned within the organization and has been replaced by former driver Cole Pearn. Pearn has been a race engineer with the team since 2012. We'll talk about this.

    Cole Whitt is on his way to Front Row Motorsports. BK Racing co-owner Anthony Marlowe, tweeted that Whitt would be in the number 34 car. We have no learned that that's not entirely the case, but Whitt is still going to Front Row Motorsports. We'll discuss this move, and what car number he may be driving. 

    Also, JR Motorsports have finally announced their crew chief lineup as Dave Elenz will be with the 88 car. Elenz will replace Ernie Cope who is at the 9 now. Jason Burdett will take over at the number 7 car with driver, Regan Smith. We'll talk about these changes as well. All tonight on Talking in Circles.


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    Bhyy-For there are those...who captivate Silly Women

    in Culture

    “For among them are those who creep into houses
    and captivate Silly Women…” 1 Tim. 3:1-7
    What is a silly woman? And how do we determine if we fall into her category?  Join us today as we discuss three examples of silly women,  Israelite Women who become prey for False Prophets. After all, the scripture warns against men who are lovers of self, slanderers and the like, but in what way are so many women captivated by them? Are you a Capable Woman, or a Silly Woman?
    Find out today:                                
    The Forever Novice – {Always Learning}
    The Luke Warm- {Not Sure}
    The Overtly Zealous – {Pharasidic}

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    Beantown Pals: Silly Goose and Val with Co-Hosts Patricia Shih and Shirah Penn

    in Family

    Silly Goose and Valerie Leonhart Smalkin is a singer/songrwriter/musician/ventriliquist/author who, with her sidekick, Silly Goose, have  kept children and adult audiences listening, singing, dancing and laughing for decades. She has had a myriad of careers from musician to lawyer back to music and now full time entertainer and author. In the 1990's she hosted a children's television show on WMAR TV called, 'Kinder Time'. Along with illustrator Kimberly Hopkins, Valerie has completed her first book, 'Springtime Dance' complete with a CD of words and music. Join us along with co-hosts Patricia Shih and Shirah Penn.

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    On Wheels Now / Guest "Silly" Dilly, Pahrump Valley Speedway driver

    in Automotive

    Live every Tuesday at 6pm (PST), From Las Vegas, Nevada
    "Your Inside Look at Local Motorsports"
    "The Racers Roundtable" Racers and Race Fans talking about racing. Dirt and Asphalt oval short track racing, Drag racing, off road racing and more ...
     Interviews with racecar drivers, officials and fans.  "LIVE" Every Tuesday at 6:00pm (PST)

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    DaEmporess Speaks..SILLY WOMEN

    in Entertainment

    How u gone get what you want when you can't define what you deserve ......Lost and lonely ... but cute tho !!!

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    Silly arguments

    in Relationships

    Ever get into an argument and wonder how it even started? In this episode, Dr. Charity and Ray share their own silly arguments and discuss how to avoid these types of arguments. Listeners are encouraged to call in and share their silly arguements.

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