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Are Pluto and Ceres dwarf planets bases for Ti (Father) and Do (was Jesus)

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There is a mountain of scriptural and practical evidence that Ti and Do were the promised incarnate phase of the so called "second coming" of Jesus with the Kingdom of God. Since they left their incarnations by 1997 where are we now in the timeline and how can that be justified in scripture and how this all relates to the recent NASA photographs that show what looks like a "city" on Ceres and another strange intelligent looking phenomena on Pluto that I say are NOT space alien because the space aliens are the Luciferian fallen angels of Genesis 6 "sons of God mating with daughters of men" and the Book of Enoch's "watchers" and from Isaiah's depiction of Lucifer's fall from heaven.

So  how does Pluto and Ceres fit in?

In June of  2015 NASA posted pictures of Ceres from the Dawn spacecraft that at first showed two dots of light on the otherwise dark dwarf planet. On a closer pic those two lights looked like over 8 lights some in a rectangular shape. It looked like a little town or city would look on earth from the same distance away if there was no atmosphere to get in the way. Then the New Horizons spacecraft sent back pictures of Pluto that showed very clear 300 mile wide rectangular shapes equidistantly spaced along it's equator.

Ti and Do directed a movie script in 1982 that showed Pluto as a Next Level (kingdom of God/heaven) base.